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American Freight Deals & Promotions
30 Years check out our top 30 Deals!

Top Promotions

Chase Gry Sectional Only $699.99. Comp Value 1399.99.2.
up to 60% off open box french door refrigerators.
up to 55% off open box side by side refrigerators
Firm. Medium. Plush. Contours to body weight and shape. Support foam adapts to body weight and shape for optimum pressure relief. Serene Queen mattress only 399.99. Comp Value 999.2.
Brooklyn black queen bed. only 299.99. set sold separately. Comp value 699.99.2.
50-55% off open box dishwashers.
Firm. Medium. Plush. Isolates motion for better sleep. Independent coil flexing helps reduce partner motion. Luxe queen mattress only 499.99. Comp value 1199.2.
up to 60% off.1. Open box dryers.
Hallmark Stone Sectional. Only 1299.99. Comp Value 2463.99.2.
Firm Medium lush. Cooler sleep and pressure relief. Gel foam offers a cooler sleep surface with pressure relief. Oasis queen mattress only 299.99. Comp value 699.99.2
Youngstown reclining sofa only 799.99. Comp Value 1499.99.2
Up to 50% off 1 open box ranges.
Brenham reclining sectional only 1999.99. Comp value 3799.99.2
Martin Grey 5PC counter height dining set only 399.99. Comp value. 699.99.2
up to 45% 1 off open box washers
up to 45% off 1 open box freezers.
Millers cove queen bed 349.99. Sets sold separately. Comp value 599.99.2
Crushed Grey Recliner only $249.99. Comp Value $419.99.2
Alex 7pc counter height dining Set. Only 599.99 5PC comp value $999.99.2
Mccabe Queen 3PC bedroom only $1499.99 bed dresser mirror. comp value 2379.99.2
Spectrum Java SofaOnly $849.99. comp value $1,299.99.2
Bantam 3pc occasional set. only $349.99. Comp value $499.99.2
crushed graphite sofa only $499.99 Comp Value $699.98.2
Acropolis reclining sofa $899.99. Comp Value $1259.99.2
groovy navy sectional Only $1,199.99 Comp value $16799.99.2
Gambrel 60" TV Stand only 299.99. Comp value 405.99.2.
Bergan 3pc occasional set only $149.99. Comp Value 199.99.2.
Ally 5pc Dining set only $799.99. Comp Value $979.99.2.
Gyro 3pc occasional set only $349.99 Comp Value 419.99.2
Gretna Grey Sectional only 1099.99. Comp value 1299.99.2

American Freight Deals

    American Freight Sale

    American Freight has great prices everyday, but these deals are the best we have to offer. Save huge on this latest American Freight sale, with extra discounts on hundreds of products. Looking to upgrade your kitchen? We have great appliance offerings, including top-of-the-line refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, stoves and ovens. Wanting to redecorate and stay in budget? Check out our latest furniture deals with steep discounts on sectionals, recliners, beds and tables. And if it is time to upgrade your mattress , make sure to check out our mattress deals first. All of our products are made by America's top rated brands, so get started shopping - this American Freight sale won't last forever!