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Kenmore Refrigerators

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Kenmore Refrigerators & Fridges

Looking for a Kenmore Refrigerator? American Freight carries a wide selection of Kenmore fridges, so you can feel confident you are exploring all your options when purchasing a top-rated refrigerator. Kenmore fridgeskeep your food fresh and cold, and are perfect for storing fresh produce, leftovers, and everything else your family needs.

American Freight carries Kenmore side-by-side refrigerators and Kenmore French door refrigerators.Looking for a used Kenmore refrigerator? American Freight carries refurbished Kenmore fridges, as well as like-new and new Kenmore fridges, all for sale at cheap prices. We carry a full range of Kenmore refrigerator models, that come in various styles andcolors including stainless steel, black & panel-ready. Our Kenmore fridges also come in different sizes, like 18 and 30 cubic feet, and counter depth. Many of our Kenmore refrigerators are Energy Star compliant, and have frost free systems. We alsocarry models with built in ice makers.

If you want a high-quality fridge that will last for many years, look no further than American Freight’s selection of Kenmore refrigerators. Even if you already know you want a Kenmore refrigerator, knowing what features you want can be difficult.Use our website's filter to separate our Kenmore refrigerators according to price, condition, height, width and depth. American Freight also carries other durable Kenmore products, such as ovens,washers and dishwashers.