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Kenmore Elite Compactors

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Kenmore Elite Compactors | American Freight

The Kenmore Elite compactor will help you drastically reduce the amount of trash you put out every week. With Kenmore’s Elite trash compactor, throwing out the trash every day will be a thing of the past as Kenmore’s Elite compactors reduce your existing trash by 80%.With a capacity of 1.4 cu. Ft, these trash compactors can handle big and bulky items of trash without any hassle at all. Elegantly designed to fit in seamlessly with most kitchen designs, these sleek Kenmore Elite Trash Compactors are the perfect accompaniment for the kitchen.The range of Kenmore Elite Compactors features standard options including, a toe bar opener to save time when handling large amounts of trash, an option to empty out the side to prevent spillage, and a console handily integrated to hide the compactor control. Take a look at the Kenmore Elite Trash Compactor reviews, and see what everyone says about this highly-regarded product. Check out the rest of the Kenmore products including Kenmore Elite small kitchen appliances, Kenmore Elite Dishwashers and other items in the Kenmore Elite range."