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Stoves & Ranges

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Kitchen Stoves And Ranges: Gas, Electric, Induction & Dual Fuel

Shop American Freight for a fantastic variety of great kitchen stoves for sale at cheap prices. You are sure to find one that suits all your cooking needs whether you prefer gas or electric, slide-in or drop-in. There are also kitchen range and microwave bundles available at American Freight.

Ranges and stoves are available in a range of sizes including 24 and 36 inches, and come in colors like stainless steel, white and black. Choose from gas stoves, induction stoves, electric stoves, double ovens and dual fuel ranges. Customize your kitchen with these options and more, including wall ovens and separate Kenmore Elite cooktops.

American Freight offers a variety of options for cooking appliances and accessories, so you can choose the style and price that is best for you. Browse the kitchen bundles with items like French door refrigerators, cooking ranges and dishwashers. Check out the wide selection of sale price items in the refrigerators & freezers, large kitchen appliances, washers & dryers and dishwashers & disposals sections.


Stove Buying Guide:

How much should a kitchen stove cost?

Kitchen stoves range in price. At American Freight, you can find the best kitchen stoves for less than $500, as well as more complex kitchen stoves for over $3,000. The material, size, and expected lifespan of the stove are all factors that can influence its price, and ultimately, your buying decision.

How wide is the average kitchen stove?

The average width of a kitchen stove is 29-30 inches.

What are Popular brands of stoves?

The most popular brands of stoves at American Freight include GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Samsung. With numerous other brands available, you're bound to find the stovetop that suits your needs at American Freight.

What are Popular types of ranges?

The most popular stove range types include electric, gas, and dual-fuel ranges.

What is the average kitchen stove capacity?

The average kitchen stove capacity ranges from 4 to 6 cubic feet.



What is a kitchen range?

A kitchen range is an appliance that combines a stovetop and oven and is designed for cooking and baking.

What are the 3 types of stoves?

The three types of stoves are electric, gas, and dual-fuel stoves. Each can be found as a freestanding or slide-in stove.

What are the features of a stove?

Some important features of a stove include a number of burners, temperature control, self-cleaning mechanisms, baking, roasting, broiling, and more. Check out our stove and range buying guide to learn more about what is most important for your kitchen.

What is the best stove to buy?

Your stove preference may vary based on the features you're seeking. At American Freight, we offer a selection of top brands like GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Samsung, which provide excellent choices for your home.