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Item # 56303 | Model # WVW51UC6FS | SKU # 22056303000-XHX4584553
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Whirlpool WVW51UC6FS 36" Concave Glass Wall Mount Range Hood

Item # 56303 | Model # WVW51UC6FS | SKU # 22056303000-XHX4584553
Product cards ratings
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Whirlpool WVW51UC6FS 36'' Concave Glass Wall Mount Range Hood – Looks Great, Functions Even Better

Whether you’re outfitting your dream kitchen or it’s simply time for an appliance upgrade, the Whirlpool 36'' Concave Glass Wall Mount Range Hood is a welcome addition to any modern living space. Featuring bright, long-lasting LED lighting that illuminates your cooktop, this stainless steel and glass range hood ensures you have the right amount of ventilation thanks to its 3-speed, 400 CFM fan. Push button controls make for ease of use while re-usable dishwasher safe grease filters can be washed quickly and popped right back in. Simply put, this eye-catching and efficient wall-mount range hood is a must for any busy kitchen.

  • Dishwasher Safe Grease Filters Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

Unwanted grease and other kitchen odors are trapped in an instant with this range hood’s re-useable, dishwasher-safe filters.

  • In-Line Smart Blower Gives You Ventilation Options

Whirlpool’s In-Line Smart Blower can either be installed as an exhaust motor in a ventilation hood or as an in-line blower in the attic of your home depending on how your living space is set up.

  • Keep Your Kitchen Quiet Even When Venting at High Speeds

Producing 44 dBA (0.7 Sones) at working speed, this range hood keeps your kitchen quiet while whisking away steam, grease smells and other odors.

  • Wall Mount Design Saves Space

Because it sits flush against the wall, this wall-mount range hood simply makes sense in small kitchens where space may be an issue.


COLOR FAMILY   Stainless Steel
DEPTH IN.   20
FUEL TYPE   Electric
HEIGHT IN.   28.88
MATERIAL   Stainless Steel
VENTING   Updraft
WARRANTY   1 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty
WIDTH IN.   36

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