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Item # 100221 | Model # FPIC3677RF | SKU # 22100221000-1F20400180
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Frigidaire FPIC3677RF 36" Black Induction Cooktop with 5 Cooking Zones

Item # 100221 | Model # FPIC3677RF | SKU # 22100221000-1F20400180
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Pickup at Hixson TN
5450 Highway 153
Hixson, TN, 37343
(423) 875-1031
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The Frigidaire Professional 36 In. Induction Cooktop gives you consistent results. Even heat eliminates hot spots and delivers consistent results for creating delicious, evenly cooked foods like steaks and omelets. The Fits-More cooktop features five elements so you can cook more at once. This Cool-to-the-touch cooktop generates heat directly to the pan, not the cooktop, so spills can't burn on. Controlled cooking adjusts from a powerful boil to a gentle simmer instantly- ideal for rice, soups, and sauces.

Enjoy the ultimate combination of efficiency and power with the Frigidaire induction cooktop. With PowerPlus™ Induction Technology, your cookware will reach its desired heat incredibly quickly, bringing water to a boil in under two minutes. Standard electric cooktops transfer energy into a heating coil or ribbon that transfers energy to your cookware which then finally transfers energy to your food, cooking it in the process. In contrast, induction cooktops like the generate heat directly to the pan, conserving energy by leaving the cooktop itself cool. This process also prevents spills from burning onto the Frigidaire induction cooktop, ensuring cleanup is as easy wiping down the counter. The cooktop also adapts to the size of your pan, sensing its size and shape and transferring heat only to that area, offering even heat directly into the pan without wasting any energy. And with professional-grade controls, the Frigidaire induction cooktop can provide the precise heat you need for the task at hand.


COLOR FAMILY   Stainless Steel
COOKING SURFACE   Electric: Induction Glass Surface
DEPTH IN.   21.5
FUEL TYPE   Electric
HEIGHT IN.   4.625
WIDTH IN.   36

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