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Item # 115329 | Model # 6485-BROWN
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5 x 8 4D Shaggy Area Rug - Brown

Item # 115329 | Model # 6485-BROWN
Product cards ratings
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Discover a touch of opulence with the 5 x 8 4D Shaggy Area Rug - Brown. This exquisite rug instantly elevates any space with its sumptuous texture and elegant design. Revel in the plush comfort as every step is cushioned by the rug's high-density weave, ensuring both luxury and longevity. The extended half-inch pile offers unparalleled softness, creating a serene haven for your feet. Its lustrous brown hue imparts warmth, making any room feel welcoming and refined. Not only is this piece a vision of beauty, but its robust construction ensures it stands up to the demands of daily life. Resistant to stains, soiling, and the vagaries of time, this rug retains its charm even in the busiest of households. Cleaning is straightforward, ensuring your living space remains pristine with minimal effort. Invite this touch of elegance into your home and enjoy a blend of style and functionality that never ceases to impress.

  • High density rug
  • Extended half inch pile for a soft touch and feel
  • Durable and resistant to soiling, staining, and fading
  • Easy to clean
  • Price Includes: 1 Area Rug
  • Specifications

    COLOR FAMILY   Brown
    CUSTOM DIMENSIONS   W 63'' X D 90'' X H 0.9''
    INCLUDES   Area Rug
    MATERIAL   Polyester
    RUG SHAPE   Rectangle
    RUG SIZE   5x8
    SHAPE   Rectangle
    WARRANTY   1 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty