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Nov 13, 2018 by Bob Butler on American Freight

Customer service plus

City: Tempe State: AZ

I posted earlier about the outstanding job they did. I bought my furniture, and got it delivered the same day. I also posted about an issue we had with a chair that was damaged, and what I am going to classify as an error in how that was handled. The delivery driver told told me they would take care of the chair, and that I cold keep the damaged chair. It was a miscommunication. Not a huge deal. But I was frustrated. and thought I would share. With that, they took care of it. They replaced the chair, and I was able to keep the damaged one. I was going to go pick it up, but we got a knock on the door, and the drive was dropping off the new chair. To me, that is outstanding service! They saw that a mistake was made, and they fixed it. Made a customer say, " I will definitely be shopping there again!" Nobody was rude, and they took care of the issue. They didn't make a big deal, and I hope I didn't either. This is how all companies should treat their customers. It was a learning experience for bothof us. Thanks guys!!

Nov 12, 2018 by Bob Butler on American Freight

Incredible Sevice

City: Tempe State: AZ

Walking in the store, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. As soon a I was approached, and helped out, I knew I was in a great place. Awesome prices, the staff was incredible, and the fact I made a purchase, and got delivery the same day, was unheard of, especially on a Sunday. The delivery staff was super friendly, and they went out of their way to help get me setup. There was one issue with one of my dinette chairs, but I have been promised a replacement, and I have to pick that up later today. Thanks you for the great service.

Nov 10, 2018 by Dean Norcross on American Freight


City: Clarksville State: TN

Love that when you walk in the employees are right there waiting to greet and assist you. Prices were very reasonable and the owner walked us to the car and made sure we were happy. Good job!

Nov 10, 2018 by Jeannie Norcross on American Freight


City: Clarksville State: TN

Really nice to be greeted at the door with friendly employees ready to help when needed. Awesome deals!

Nov 09, 2018 by Bob Crawford on American Freight

Great place to shop

City: Lexington State: OH

My wife bought a mattress and box spring last weekend and raved about how friendly the staff are and there is no high pressure or up selling. She is pretty picky about her mattress and I was surprised that it didn't take her long to find exactly what she wanted. I've been sleeping on a waterbed for over 25 years, and my heater just went out again. I've had to replace the mattress a couple of times as well. I decided the heck with this and we went back there today. I used to be in sales, but the guys that show you to the mattress do not hover. If you know the range you want, they show you where to start your search to find the firmness you want. If you have a question, and I did, if the guy does not know for sure, he gets the answer and comes right back with it. Mattresses are a hefty investment so you want a good price and you want to be able to check out a number of brands to find whats JUST RIGHT for you. I give my strongest recommendation for these guys.

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