Dishwasher Buying Guide

How to Choose a Dishwasher


How to Buy a Dishwasher that Fits Your Space

Measure the space available for your new dishwasher. Height, width and depth are crucial in deciding which unit is right for you.

dishwasher dimensions

Dishwasher Dimensions

  • Range of Widths: Dishwashers are available in widths between 18″- 24″
  • Range of Height: Dishwashers are available in heights between 30″- 36″
  • Range of Depths: Dishwashers are available in depths between 22″- 28″ measured with the door closed

Types of Dishwashers

Which control of your dishwasher is right for you?

Top Control Dishwashers

Top control Dishwashers feature controls on the inside top of the door.

  • Pros: Top controls on a dishwasher lend a sleek look to your kitchen. The integrated, hidden controls keep kids away from messing with settings. This type of dishwasher features an added indicator light on the front to let you know when your cycle is complete and an added handle that can also be used as an extra towel bar.
  • Points to Consider: Controls are not easily viewable/accessible when the dishwasher is closed and running.
top load high efficiency

top load conventional

Front Control Dishwashers

Front Control Dishwashers feature the ease of selecting settings without opening the door.

  • Pros: Visible controls make it easy to view cycle settings and the progress of your dishes being cleaned. A sleek pocket handle still gives a clean look to your kitchen.
  • Points to Consider: Because controls are on the outside, there is potential for unintentionally bumping into the controls or children meddling with the settings.

Extra Features for Your Dishwasher

Select the features that you would like in your dishwasher. Dishwashers have become quite innovative by adding many cleaning features while reducing noise level.
Energy Star Compliant: Reduces use of energy and water with the added benefit of lowering your utility bill.
Sound Level:

  • Standard: 51dBA and above
  • Quiet: 46-50dBA
  • Whisper Quiet: 45dBA and under

Cycle Countdown: Indicates how much time is left to help you plan, especially helpful when hosting and dishes constantly pile up.
Child Lock: Prevents anyone from accidentally starting or changing the settings on the dishwasher.
Tub Material:

  • Plastic – this is the least expensive option, and is usually available in white or grey.
  • Stainless steel – these dishwasher interiors are more sturdy and maintenance free. They also tend to insulate sound better than plastic tubs. Also, the material holds heat more effectively than plastic, causing it to potentially be more energy efficient and save you money.
  • Hybrid – A combination of plastic and stainless steel washer features Adjustable Upper Rack: Gives you more options for placing a variety of dishes in the dishwasher, and the ability to make room for small items and adjust to accommodate tall glasses and wide pans.

Ball Bearing Rack: Easy glide, even with a full load. Makes loading and unloading more convenient.
Concentrated Spray Jets: Designed for items that need special attention, like the inside of bottles.
Cutlery Holder: Convenient placement for all your utensils.
Stemware Holders: Small clips on racks that allow you to safely wash wine glasses.
Third Rack: Additional place to store extra items.
Heated Dry: No need to dry off dishes with a towel when the cycle is done.
Sensor Washing: Adjusts wash cycle based on how dirty your dishes are.
Quick Wash: During times when you’ll need multiple loads quickly done and ready to go.
Delay Wash: Start the wash cycle one to nine hours after you’ve loaded it. Allows you to run your machine when you’re out of the Kitchen and at times more convenient to you.
Gentle Wash: A short, less forceful wash cycle for china, crystal and lightly soiled dishes.
Heavy Duty Wash: For the hardest to wash pots and pans that are heavily soiled and greased.
Sanitary Rinse: Kills the most amount of bacteria.
Rinse Aid Dispenser: Dispenses rinse aid liquid for best performance with the wash.
Filtration: Keeps water clean and soil free throughout the wash to prevent grime from resticking to your dishes.
Food Disposer: Integrated into the dishwasher to reduce the need to pre-soak or rinse dishes prior to loading. Prevents clogs or jams from washed off food residue.
Cycle Indicator Light: Helps you know when the cycle is done.

dishwasher features

Dishwasher Brands

Select from the many brands we have to offer. Each brand offers many of the different features above.

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