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Maytag Dryers for Sale

American Freight is your top destination for finding high-quality Maytag dryers on sale! Renowned for their quality, long-term durability and affordable prices, Maytag dryers are an essential laundry appliance that are built to last. Shop from a large assortment of Maytag gas dryers and electric dryers all available at discount prices that are 25-70% off the manufacturer's retail price.

When it comes to getting laundry done, it’s all about doing fewer loads in less time. That's why all of our Maytag dryers are designed with unique features such as the Power Dry cycle which drys your clothes in no time with optimized heat and airflow. Our Maytag dryers are also available with the Rapid Dry cycle and the Refresh cycles with steam. These Maytag dryers also use steam to relax stubborn wrinkles so your clothes come out looking their best. Our Maytag dryers are available in an array of colors such as white, black, metallic and more. Make laundry day a great day with a Maytag dryer from American Freight.

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