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Maytag Cooktops & Stove tops For Sale

American Freight has all the Maytag cooktops and stovetops you need to add to your Maytag oven. Designed for precision adjustable heat, durability, easy clean, and safety, they're the kitchen cooktop you've always dreamed of and more. Maytag cooktops provide ample space for pan-size flexibility and make boiling water, preparing sauces, or sauteing dinner simple and easy.

Explore a variety of options and choose from both Maytag gas and electric cooktops, including the Maytag smooth surface electric cooktop, for easy cleanup and scratch and shatter resistant surface. Explore sizes, like the Maytag 30 inch and 36 cooktops, and find your color in black, white and stainless steel Maytag cooktops.

Items at American Freight are filled with customer ratings, so you can read through Maytag customer reviews and see what users thought for themselves. American Freight also has numerous other Maytag appliances, including Maytag ranges, microwaves, dryers and more! Explore the collection and update your home.

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