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Kenmore Elite Fridge

Store and keep your food fresh for longer with a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator from American Freight. Kenmore Elite Refrigerators come with a large enough capacity to easily store weekly groceries and shopping for a large family. With smart storage solutions, the Kenmore Elite Refrigerators enable you to store all your food items in places where they are easily accessible. Many Kenmore Elite Refrigerators feature smart technology to help keep food fresh and tasty. The GeniusCool technology uses a digital temperature control to keep food at exactly the right temperature, while multi air flow and electronic sensors assist in keeping all the food fresh. The CleanFlow Air filter circulates air via a charcoal filter to draw away odors which can come from different types of food, such as vegetables, meat, and leftovers. Take a look at some of the other high-quality kitchen appliances from the Kenmore Elite Range, including Kenmore Elite range hoods, Kenmore Elite ovens and Kenmore Elite microwaves."

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