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Kenmore Elite Freezers

With a Kenmore Elite Freezer, you can store large quantities of meat, vegetables and all kinds of frozen goods and keep them fresh for longer. Many Kenmore Elite Freezers are equipped with Freeze Fresh™ technology. The Kenmore Elite Freezer temperature keeps at -20° F colder than other freezers, helping preserve the quality and nutrients of your food. Other smart features in the Kenmore Elite Freezer range include a Soft Freeze Zone for foods such as ice cream, so you no longer have to wait for it to defrost. And you can rest assured that even in the case of a power cut, you don’t need to worry as Kenmore’s Elite Freezer range will preserve your food for up to 48 hours. Choose the right Kenmore Elite Freezers for you. Now available in stainless steel, white, black, black stainless and more colors. Other options include Kenmore Elite Freezer’s with an ice maker and various capacity size. With prices starting from less than $400, there is a Kenmore Elite Freezer to suit every budget.Take a look at the other great items in the Kenmore Elite range, including Ovens, French Door Refrigerators and Dishwashers.

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