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Superior Cleaning

  • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity lets you get more laundry done in fewer loads
  • 14 wash cycles let you select the right cleaning for your clothes
  • Six water temperatures let you pick the water temperature you prefer and wash your way

Specialized Care

  • Deep Clean cycle is great for your toughest laundry loads with 67% more cleaning power than the most commonly used cycle
  • Speed Wash helps you save time when you’re in a hurry with a quick wash for lightly soiled items
  • Deep Rinse rinses clothes free of detergent, fabric softener and stubborn soils
  • Second Rinse ensures removal of detergent, bleach and other additives with an optional extra rinse after the wash cycle

Wash Your Way

  • Deep Fill lets you control and customize your water levels with the touch of a button
  • Auto Soak loosens stains by soaking for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour or two hours

Designed for Maximum Cleaning Power

  • Dual-action agitator provides a thorough clean every time reversing, powerful wash action
  • A fast 700 rpm spin speed efficiently removes water and minimizes drying time

    Laundry Made Simple

    • 4.1 cu. ft. capacity fits more in every load
    • Quick Wash Cycle washes clothes fast
    • 12 wash cycles to meet all of your washing needs
    • Multiple cycle options to personalize your wash with options, such as My Cycle and Eco Wash
    • 5 soil levels include Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Light and Extra Light

    Built for Easy Operation

    • Stainless steel drum with agitator offers durability with long-lasting performance
    • Electronic controls are easy to use with digital read-out and cycle status lights
    • Dispenser conveniently adds fabric softener at the beginning of the wash cycle

      • FlexDispense - Automatically releases liquid or powder detergent, fabric softener, and even detergent packs like Tide PODs, at the right time for faster activation and optimal cleaning performance
      • QuietWash - Enjoy a quieter wash and reduced vibration thanks to innovative Dynamic Balancing Technology
      • Dual-action agitator - Experience a high level of clean with a dual-action agitator that enables a reversing, powerful wash action
      • Stain Removal Guide - Easily remove five of the most common stains with preset modifications available on each wash cycle
      • Deep Fill - Customize your water-fill levels with just the touch of a button and fill the tub with as much water as you want so you can wash your way
      • Multiple Rinse Options - Ultimate flexibility with your rinse cycles to remove detergent, fabric softener, and stubborn soils with options like Deep Rinse, Extra Rinse and Warm Rinse

        Fits Your Big Loads

        Youll coast through laundry day with this GE 4.5 cu. ft. top-load washer. Fit large loads of bedding, jeans, sweaters and more inside and get more done in less time.

        Champion Stain-Fighter

        When it comes to stains, a stain removal guide uses preprogrammed settings to help remove blood, tomato, wine, dirt or grass from your clothes. Auto soak loosens stains by soaking them for up to 2 hours.

        Gets Clothes Clean and Ready to Dry

        A dual-action agitator features powerful reversing wash action rotates your laundry for a thorough clean every time. Take the guesswork out of cleaning with the deep fill option. This option customizes your water-fill levels with just the touch of a button, so you can add a little extra or fill the tub. The warm rinse cycle is perfect for cleaning certain items without risking shrinking them.

        Deeeeeeep Cleaning

        A recirculation pump thoroughly saturates laundry and moves water and detergent through clothes to make sure they get the best treatment. For an even deeper clean, Sanitize with Oxi removes 99.9% of bacteria with a dedicated cycle that uses an Oxi additive to boost your detergents cleaning power, while keeping fabrics looking and feeling their best. The deep rinse cycle makes sure clothes are properly rinsed of soap residue and fabric softener.

          • 5.3 cu ft - fits extra large loads of laundry
          • Triple Action Impeller - the impeller design ensures optimal cleaning performance with three unique wash actions:
          1. Spraying Action – 9 spray jets attack dirt from every angle with a concentrated detergent mix
          2. Wash Basket Action – moves clothes in a circular pattern.
          3. Agitator Action – wash basket moves back and forth.
          • Built-In Water Faucet - enables you to pre-treat your clothes or add more water to your wash without the need for a laundry room sink
          • Dispenser Drawer - load detergent and fabric softener to the dispenser drawer at the beginning of the cycle and this convenient dispensing system will add each at just the right time in the cycle
          • Direct Drive Motor - the direct drive motor provides spin speeds up to 850 RPM to remove more moisture from clothes so they spend less time in the dryer.
          • ENERGY STAR® certified - exceeds government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on your utility bills
          • Deep Fill - the convenience of multiple deep fill options at your fingertips
          • LCD Screen With Capacitive Touch Controls - use the light-touch controls to select the load and cycle options that match the fabric types in each load. Plus, LCD Screen provides time remaining and cycle status information. 
          • Gentle Close, Edge to Edge Glass Lid - tempered glass lid wont slam shut thanks to hinges that allow the lid to close gently and quietly. Plus, the edge-to-edge design makes it easy to see the washer in action

            • Size : 12 oz.
            • One bottle contains 3 uses
            • Washing machine cleaner and deodorizer
            • Liquid formula leaves no powder residue behind

              Big Load? No Problem!

              The 4.2 cu. ft. stainless steel tub can handle fluffy towels, duvets, and large loads of clothes with ease. Whether youre a family of 4 or a family of 1, theres more than enough space to give your clothes and other laundry items the care they need.

              The Deepest Cleaning

              A dual-action agitator achieves deep cleaning, even for your most delicate of clothes, with a gentle dual-wash motion. Use the deep rinse setting for a deeeeeep 2-hour soak to help fight the toughest of stains, from grass to grease, eliminating the need for hand-washing. Want to add more water to the load? Select the deep fill option!

              Easy as a Piece of Cake

              This top load washer features PreciseFill that lets you select the load size or automatically measures the load size for you and adjusts settings for greater results. All you have to do is toss in a load, press start, and walk away.

              Cares For Your Laundry Like You Do

              Youll be able to take on any load of laundry with 14 wash cycles. Use SpeedWash to reduce overall wash time by at least 20% without missing a beat, so you can get freshly cleaned clothes right when you need them. The bulky items cycle washes larger items, such as comforters, blankets and jackets to accommodate all of your laundry needs.

                • Select from 9 Specialty Cycles including Fast Sanitize, Jeans, Stuffed Animals, Pet Beds, Steam Prewash, Kids Wear, Fast Steam, Wool & Clean Washer. The Fast Wash cycle washes a load in 15 min.
                • With the Perfect Balance™ System, no other washer has less vibration (tested on conventional wood floor construction with vinyl floor covering)
                • Perfect Steam™ Washer adds steam to select wash cycles to gently deep clean clothes for whiter whites, better stain removal and fewer wrinkles
                • Extended Fresh™ apply periodic rinses with load tumbling after the wash cycle completes to keep clothes fresh up to 12 hours
                • This ENERGY STAR® washer has a CEE rating of 3 (Highest Ranking Available)
                • Designated Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR for 2011
                • The ExpertCare™ Wash System uses state-of-the-art wash technology, including varied wash motion and bottom-vent steam option, to deliver the best front-load cleaning
                • The NSF® Allergen option helps ensure the destruction of dust mites and removal of pet dander

                cooktop features 5 heating elements including specialty elements. The SpaceWise® expandable elements expand to meet the size of your cookware. The quick boil element helps your prepare meals faster and the keep warm zone keeps your food table ready. The oven offers 4.9 cu. ft. of capacity

                  • The PowerWash® cycle features a combination of extra cleaning action and heated water to attack everyday tough stains
                  • The PowerWash® agitator tackles any load size with both efficient, concentrated cleaning to fight stubborn stains and robust wash action to help break up messes
                  • With extra-large 4.2 cu. ft. capacity, you can move mountains of laundry
                  • Choose the Deep Water Wash option to fill the wash basket with a maximum water level for more water when you want it, available on any cycle
                  • The Auto Sensing option adjusts the water level for each load to provide efficient, concentrated cleaning

                    More Capacity for More Laundry
                    This Whirlpool top-load washer has a generous 4.3 cu. ft. capacity so you can load in bulky bedding, tons of towels and heaping hampers.

                    Presoak Option
                    Enjoy better cleaning with the Presoak option that lets you skip soaking outside of the washer. It works by adding extra time for it in the washer before the cycle starts. When this 10-minute option is complete, the wash cycle will start automatically.

                    Thorough and Gentle Cleaning Power
                    Whirlpool’s low-profile impeller and Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket tackle tough laundry while still being gentle with your fabrics. A seamless surface design and unique vane design push clothes to the center of the wash basket for deeeeep cleaning.

                    Give Fabrics a Good Soaking
                    The Deep Water Wash cycle raises the water level in the washer to help tackle heavily soiled loads with less effort on your part.

                    Treat Your Laundry Right
                    This Whirlpool washer has 8 different wash cycles, 4 soil levels and 5 water temperatures to choose from so you can be sure that your fabrics get the thorough and careful cleaning they deserve.

                      Delivered straight from the Maytag® commercial washer and dryer assembly lines, this washer features a robust build, including a dual action agitator and stainless steel wash basket, powered by a 1/2 horsepower washing machine motor. These components are encased within thick, galvanized steel panelling engineered to take a beating and resist corrosion. Four Deep Water Wash cycles, including the PowerWash® cycle, use maximum water levels to drench loads for thorough cleaning. Tough and dependable year after year, Maytag confidently backs this washer with our best home appliance warranty for in-home, commercial laundry equipment. Our powerful 1/2 horsepower motor and sturdy drive system deliver the strength to handle large loads with ease. The dual-action agitator optimizes wash action for fast rollover resulting in robust cleaning in short cycle times.

                        Flexible Drying

                        • 7.5 cu. ft. capacity fits lots of laundry at a time
                        • Two individually controlled dryers in the same unit lets you dry delicates and everyday garments simultaneously
                        • Small top dryer allows for delicates, sweaters and accessories to lay flat, helping prevent shrinking and fabric damage

                        Ready to Wear

                        • Multi-Steam Technology help steam away wrinkles, odors, bacteria and static
                        • Sensor Dry with moisture sensors optimizes the time and temperature to dry clothes thoroughly

                        Easy and Efficient

                        • You can remotely monitor remaining cycle time, receive alerts when the cycle is complete and schedule cycles from anywhere using your smartphone
                        • Eco Dry option uses up to 25% less energy for every load
                        • With Smart Care, you can troubleshoot straight from your smartphone with an immediate diagnosis and quick solutions

                        • No matter which wash cycle you choose, Water Level Selection lets you select Auto Sensing to adjust water based on load size or the Deep Water Wash option to help break down loose soils with more water.
                        • Help protect fabrics from snagging with this stainless steel wash basket that gently guides clothes during the wash.
                        • The traditional dual action spiral agitator provides the wash action and cleaning performance to give your clothes the right clean.
                        • Choose the right amount of agitation for your fabrics with an option that lets you select the soil level of your load on any cycle, so you get less agitation on light loads and more on full or dirty loads
                        • Get the extra space you need to wash bulky items with this 3.9 cu. ft. capacity washer.
                        • Skip a trip to the laundry room with Soaking cycles that start washing whites and colors as soon as theyre done soaking
                        • Throw clothes in the wash at the last minute with the late lid lock.
                        • Wash a small, lightly soiled load in as little as 30 minutes with increased spin speeds to remove more water so clothes can spend less time in the dryer. (Based on a 3 lb load.)
                        • Keep your whites looking their best with a cycle that cleans thoroughly while gently caring for your clothes.
                        • Care for colored fabrics with a cycle that uses cold water to provide optimal fabric care
                        • Bulky/Sheets cycle takes care of bedding as well as those bulky winter jackets
                        • Clean your delicate items with an intermittent wash action and slow spin speed, to provide everything youd expect for gentle fabric care.
                        • Run the AFFRESH cycle every 30 washes with an AFFRESH Washer Cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach to thoroughly clean the inside of your washer.
                        • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.

                          Comprehensive Cleaning

                          • 4.8 cu. ft. capacity handles more laundry in fewer loads
                          • Tide PODS™ Dispenser utilizes a dedicated water jet that pierces the detergent pack, while a shower of water activates the detergent, for increased cleaning power
                          • Automatic Dispensing offers total dosing flexibility for liquid detergent, powder detergent, detergent packs, softener, and bleach by dispensing them at the right time for the best results
                          • Innovative QuietWash feature employs Dynamic Balancing Technology to reduce noisy vibrations
                          • Customize your water-fill levels with the touch of a button and fill the tub with as much water as you want so you can wash your way

                          Customize Each Wash

                          • 12 unique wash cycles provide an ultimate clean for any load
                          • Multiple rinse options like Deep Rinse, Extra Rinse and Warm Rinse, provide ultimate flexibility with your rinse cycles to remove detergent, fabric softener, and stubborn soils
                          • Speed Wash feature provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry
                          • Remove 99.9% of bacteria with the dedicated Sanitize with Oxi cycle that uses an oxygenated additive to boost your detergent’s cleaning power
                          • Stain Removal Guide easily removes five of the most common stains with preset modifications for each wash cycle

                          Added Efficiencies

                          • Auto Soak function loosens stains by soaking for up to 2 hours
                          • 800 rpm spin speed removes more water during the spin cycle to minimize drying time
                          • ENERGY STAR® qualified

                            • Space-saving design with a 24-in width and 1.9 cu-ft capacity
                            • Add the right amount of detergent to prevent residue with detergent dosing aid
                            • Clean lightly soiled loads fast with the Save Time option
                            • Color option - uses cold water to help protect colors so they remain vibrant
                            • Sleek controls give direct access and remember your last cycle
                            • Skip soaking outside of the washer with the PreWash option
                            • Wool cycle - cool water and slow spin speeds clean your washable delicates to provide everything youd expect from gentle fabric care

                              • 5.2 cu.ft.
                              • Cycles: Bulky Items, Colors, Delicates, Drain & Spin, Heavy Duty, Normal, Sanitize, Soak, Towels and Sheets, Tub Clean, Whites
                              • Built-In Water Faucet
                              • Advance Vibration Control
                              • Power agitator
                              • Deep Fill options

                                • 5.2 cu.ft.
                                • Wash cycles: Bulky Items, Colors, Delicates, Drain & Spin, Heavy Duty, Normal, Sanitize, Soak, Towels and Sheets, Tub Clean, Whites
                                • Built-In Water Faucet
                                • Advance Vibration Control
                                • Power agitator
                                • Deep Fill options

                                  • Bring on big loads of towels or jeans -this ultra large (4.5 cu. ft.) washer fits more in every load up to 20 lbs.
                                  • Built-in intelligence takes out the guesswork—AI technology selects optimal wash motions and settings. Washer can auto-select a compatible drying cycle.
                                  • AAFA certified LG washers with the Allergiene™ Cycle use the power of steam to remove over 95%* of pet dander and dust.
                                  • The ThinQ® App controls laundry remotely & Proactive Customer Care sends maintenance tips & alerts.
                                  • Real tempered glass door provides a sleek, stylish look that also resists shock and scratches.
                                  • ColdWash™ technology penetrates deep into fabrics, for cold water savings with warm water performance.
                                  • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the LG Direct Drive Motor delivers peace of mind with every load.
                                  • ENERGY STAR® Certified – This LG high efficiency washer uses far less water and energy than a conventional washer for savings that add up with each load.
                                  • LG SideKick™ Compatible – Add the one-of-a-kind LG SideKick™ pedestal washer** and wash small loads that just can’t wait in the compact washer below while you do a big load up top.
                                  • LG closet-depth washers and dryers have a shallower depth to fit in more places & add sleek style to any room.
                                  • Unlike tubs made from porcelain or plastic, the LG NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Tub avoids the chips and nicks that can snag fabrics and ruin clothing. Durable surface actually gets smoother over time.
                                  • With the LG TubClean system, you don’t have to worry about mold, mildew or musty odors. Simply select the TubClean cycle, add liquid bleach or other cleaner and let the washer do the work to thoroughly clean and dry the tub, door and gaskets. Run it every month or so to keep your washer—and your laundry—clean and fresh.
                                  • LG s TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration and LoDecibel™ systems are designed for quiet operation that keeps even big loads in balance to reduce washer noise and vibration.
                                  • SpeedWash™ Cycle gets small loads clean and refreshed in just 15 minutes.

                                  *Based on certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)

                                  **LG SideKick™ Sold Separately.

                                  27 Inch Front Load Washer with 4.5 Cu. Ft Capacity, laundry day doesnt have to be a pain. Able to carry a large amount of loads per cycle, this washer cuts you back on time without using too much resources thanks to its load sensing feature

                                    • Get plenty of room for bulky items with 4.3 cu. ft. capacity
                                    • Create customized cycles in a few touches with Intuitive Controls
                                    • Sanitize items like towels using detergent and an oxi additive

                                      Greater Tub Size for Fewer Loads

                                      With 4.2 cu. ft. of space, this front-load washer gives you the flexibility to get more laundry done in less time. Fit up to 2 baskets of laundry in this bad boy, from a load of dirty jeans to all those piles of work clothes from the past two weeks.

                                      A Need for Speed

                                      The Diamond Drum™ design uses a direct drive motor to pump out a powerful 1200 RPM maximum spin speed with 4 spin settings (High, Medium, Low and No Spin), giving this front-load washer the power to handle almost any load you throw into it, from wispy delicates to tough muddy jeans.

                                      Seriously Quiet

                                      Designed with VRT Technology, this Samsung washer has the need for speed without all the noise. The innovative tub design and sensors keep loads balanced for better cleaning power and reduced vibrations and noise throughout the cycle, even for laundry rooms situated upstairs.

                                      Keeps Itself Clean

                                      Self Clean+ Technology helps remove dirt and bacteria from the washer drum without the harsh chemicals, even after your filthiest loads, giving you peace of mind and a cleaner home. Self Clean+ sends reminders every 40 wash cycles and sanitizes the gasket, helping you cross one more chore off your list.

                                      Troubleshooting in the Palm of Your Hand

                                      Smart Care lets you skip the phone tree and deal with the problem right from your smart phone. Smart Care connects with your machine to help you troubleshoot the issue and offers quick solutions, saving you time and frustration.

                                      Save What Matters

                                      This Samsung front-load washer is ENERGY STAR certified, meaning it uses less energy without sacrificing washing power.

                                        This compact model is just 24 wide and can easily fit under an existing countertop, side by side or stacked, to make the most of your space. Built-in intelligence uses AI technology and advanced sensors to detect fabric texture and load size to automatically select the perfect settings—and take out the guesswork. Even better for asthma or allergy sufferers, the Allergiene™ cycle uses the power of steam to reduce common household allergens in baby clothes, bedding and more. And with LG ThinQ® technology, you can get alerts on your smartphone the minute clothes are clean, and control key washer features from anywhere, at any time. Stacking kit included with matching dryer (model # DLHC145W).


                                      • 2.4 cu.ft. Compact Capacity

                                        This compact washer, just 24 wide, provides enough room for loads, while easily fitting under an existing countertop. It can be installed side by side or stacked, to make the most of your space.

                                      • Built-In Intelligence (AI Fabric Sensor)

                                        Forget about endless sorting or toggling through cycles—built-in sensors use AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size, then automatically select the right wash motions, temperatures and more for advanced fabric care.

                                      • AAFA Certified LG Washer

                                        CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) LG washers are the first to earn this distinction. Breathe easier with the Allergiene™ cycle that uses the power of steam to remove pet dander and dust from bedding and more.

                                      • ThinQ® Technology with Proactive Customer Care (2020 NPI)

                                        Use the ThinQ® app to start the laundry while you’re out shopping, check remaining cycle time or get notifications on your smartphone. Proactive Customer Care offers preventative maintenance tips and alerts and expedited repairs.

                                      • Direct Drive Motor 10-Year Limited Warranty (Washer)

                                        Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the LG Direct Drive Motor delivers peace of mind with every load. Fewer moving parts means less noise and vibration, greater stability and durable performance you can depend on for years to come.

                                      • ENERGY STAR® Certified

                                        High efficiency washer uses far less water and energy than a conventional washer for savings that add up with each load.

                                      • NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Tubs

                                        Unlike tubs made from porcelain or plastic, the LG NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Tubs avoid the chips and nicks that can snag fabrics and ruin clothing. Durable surface actually gets smoother over time and keeps your washer looking like new, even after years of use.

                                      • TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System & LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation

                                        Run the washer whenever you want— LG s TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration and LoDecibel™ systems are designed for quiet operation that keeps even big loads in balance to reduce washer noise and vibration.

                                      • TubClean Cycle

                                        The TubClean Cycle is designed for easy, periodic maintenance to keep your washer fresh. The cycle uses water jets to clean the wash tub and door, and an air dryer removes excess moisture, helping to keep your high-performing washer in tip-top condition.

                                      • SmartDiagnosis™

                                        If you ever experience an issue with your LG washer or dryer, you dont have to worry. The SmartDiagnosis™ feature helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone, or with a simple app on your smart phone, helping you minimize costly, inconvenient service calls.

                                      • SpeedWash™ Cycle (Washer)

                                        Lets face it: Sometimes, you just dont have time to wait for a standard wash cycle. When yourre in a rush, LGs SpeedWash™ Cycle gets small lightly soiled loads refreshed in just 15 minutes.

                                          • This compact-sized dryer has a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity provides room to fit your clothes while still being able to fit your space
                                          • 10 Dryer Cycles including Air Dry, Bulky Items, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Mixed, Normal, Refresh, Synthetics, Timed Dry, and Wool
                                          • The stainless steel drum will keep your items protected from rust or abrasion
                                          • Front panel controls provide convenient access to all cycle and option selections
                                          • Refresh your load using the Refresh cycle, so dry, clean clothes are ready to wear without needing to be rewashed
                                          • Keep cozy, dryable wool fabrics fluffy and smooth with the Wool cycle that uses a gentle drying process
                                          • Wrap up in a warm, fresh-from-the-dryer comforter. Perfectly dry your bedding or other bulky items with the Bulky Bedding cycle
                                          • Help prevent heat damage to fabrics. The Air Dry cycle is great for airing, refreshing and loosening up loads without added heat
                                          • Get gentle drying for delicate loads with Gentle Dry that reduces the drying temperature
                                          • Dry a small load quickly when youre on a tight schedule with X-Dry
                                          • Care for each garment with baffles that provide balanced tumbling for gentle, perfect drying
                                          • Help prevent wrinkles even on a hectic schedule with the WRINKLE SHIELD option. Intermittent tumbling helps keep wrinkles from setting into clean clothes for up to 12 hours after the cycle ends

                                            Designed for Convenience

                                            • 8.0 cu. ft. to let you dry more in each load
                                            • 9 cycles to provide the best care for your laundry

                                            More Options for Better Drying

                                            • Instant Refresh cycle removes wrinkles and quickly refreshes your favorite items with steam in just 10 minutes
                                            • Perfect Steam Wrinkle Release option gently releases wrinkles and reduces static to keep clothes looking their best
                                            • The Allergen cycle is a specialty cycle designed to keep clothes fresh
                                            • 18-Minute Fast Dry cycle quickly dries the items you need most
                                            • Extended Tumble option keeps clothes tangle-free by gently tumbling clothes without heat after the cycle ends

                                            Made-for-You Efficiency

                                            • Reversible door for easy loading no matter how your washer and dryer are configured in the home
                                            • Easy-to-read LED display
                                            • Four-way venting allows for more installation options
                                            • ENERGY STAR certified

                                            Disclaimer: Prices may vary for Puerto Rico and Hawaii Stores

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