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Electrolux EFME627UTT 8.0 cu. ft. Front Load Electric...
$755.99  $1,399.99 (List Price)
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Designed for Convenience

  • 8.0 cu. ft. to let you dry more in each load
  • 9 cycles to provide the best care for your laundry

More Options for Better Drying

  • Instant Refresh cycle removes wrinkles and quickly refreshes your favorite items with steam in just 10 minutes
  • Perfect Steam Wrinkle Release option gently releases wrinkles and reduces static to keep clothes looking their best
  • The Allergen cycle is a specialty cycle designed to keep clothes fresh
  • 18-Minute Fast Dry cycle quickly dries the items you need most
  • Extended Tumble option keeps clothes tangle-free by gently tumbling clothes without heat after the cycle ends

Made-for-You Efficiency

  • Reversible door for easy loading no matter how your washer and dryer are configured in the home
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Four-way venting allows for more installation options
  • ENERGY STAR certified
Samsung DVE50R8500V/A3 7.5 cu. ft. Smart Front-Load El...
$701.99  $1,299.99 (List Price)
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Advanced Drying

  • Bixby-enabled and Wi-Fi, so you can receive end of cycle alerts, remotely start or stop your cycle, schedule laundry on your time and more from your smart device
  • The Steam Sanitize+ cycle removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria, over 95% of pollen and kills 100% of dust mites
  • Multi-Steam Technology steams away wrinkles, odors and static
  • Sensor Dry automatically optimizes the time and temperature of every cycle to protect your clothes from heat damage, while avoiding excess energy use

Drying Your Way

  • 7.5 cu. ft. capacity lets you fit more in every load for more efficient drying
  • 12 preset drying cycles to best suit your drying needs
  • 10 drying options to enhance your drying cycle, providing optimal care for all fabric types
  • 5 temperature levels let you select the ideal temperature to dry your clothes gently and thoroughly
  • Wrinkle Prevent tumbles your laundry even after the cycle is complete to prevent wrinkles

Convenient Design

  • A vent sensor continuously monitors the condition of the air duct to ensure it’s operating efficiently
  • Lint filter indicator provides a helpful reminder when it’s time to clean the filter
  • Stainless steel drum is more durable and prevents scratches or nicks from metal zippers
  • ENERGY STAR® certified to help you save energy
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Whirlpool WGT4027HW White Laundry Center with 3.5 cu. ...
$989.99  $1,649.99 (List Price)
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  • Get dual action cleaning and convenient fabric softener 
  • Help prevent over drying with the auto dry drying system that senses when clothes have reached the right moisture content and stops the cycle
  • Choose the right setting for each load when you dry with Normal, Delicate, Air Only or Timed Dry cycles
  • Get the space you need to easily wash everyday loads with a 3.5 cu. ft. capacity washer
  • Get the space you need to easily dry everyday loads with a 5.9 cu. ft. capacity dryer
  • Bleach is automatically added and diluted at the beginning of the wash cycle so you dont have to worry about adding it later
  • 4 Drying Cycles
  • 3.5 cu. ft. Washer Capacity
  • Dual action Agitator
Frigidaire FFLG3900UW Gas Stacked 3.9 cu. ft. Washer &...
$1,019.99  $1,699.99 (List Price)
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  • 3.9 cu. ft. washer capacity ensures enough space to get your large loads cleaned
  • Agitator inside provides unprecedented cleaning performance
  • MaxFill feature gives you the option to use the maximum water level per cycle for a cleaning experience you can depend on
  • Stackable design saves on footprint space in your home
  • Green LED lights keep you in-the-loop about your washing, rinsing and spinning progress
  • Stainless steel wash tub helps prevent rust and snags

Set A Cycle

  • 10 various wash cycles ensure you get a customized clean
  • Cycles include delicate, active wear, bulky, colors and more
  • Quick Wash cycle lets you get clothes clean when youre short on time
  • End-of-cycle signal lets you know when your clothes are ready

Fluffy Dry

  • Large 5.5 cu. ft. capacity ensures you can dry even your largest loads
  • End-of-cycle signal lets you know when your clothes are ready

Customized Drying

  • Quick Dry cycle dries clothes fast for effortless results
  • 6 dry cycles help you customize your dry
  • Cycles include delicate, active wear, bulky, air fluff and more
  • 4 various time dry cycles help you select a desired drying time limit that works with your schedule
Maytag MED6630HC 7.3 cu. ft. Chrome Front Load Electri...
$647.99  $1,199.99 (List Price)
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  • The Extra Power button boosts drying power on any cycle by extending time, heat and tumbling., One push helps prevent under drying by getting thick fabrics, pockets and seams drier the first time, Results may vary based on load size and type
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing monitors inside moisture and air temperatures to help evenly dry loads
  • Dry a small load fast with the Quick Dry cycle, which pairs nicely with the Quick Wash cycle on select Maytag washers to get clothes ready in no time
  • The Wrinkle Prevent option runs for up to 150 minutes after the cycle has ended to help keep wrinkles from forming as the dryer continues to tumble
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
Electrolux EFME527UTT 8.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer w/ In...
$674.99  $1,249.99 (List Price)
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Spectacular Cycles

  • Instant Refresh cycle revives fabrics in just 10 minutes by removing wrinkles
  • Perfect Steam Wrinkle Release option gently eliminates wrinkles and reduces static
  • 18 Minute Fast Dry cycle quickly dries when youre in a rush
  • Extended Tumble option keeps clothes tangle-free by gently tumbling clothes without heat after a cycle ends
  • Moisture sensors detect when clothes are dry to prevent over-drying
  • 8 custom settings for each fabric type takes the guess work out

Note-Worthy Details

  • 8.0 cu. ft. capacity provides ample space to dry your most ambitious loads
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Reversible door design ensures the dryer will fit your space with a custom look
  • 4-way venting delivers more ways to install for convenience
  • Luxury-Design Lighting illuminates the interior for a bright, modern appeal
  • LED display makes choosing your cycle easy

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