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  • Carbon-based charcoal filter helps to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.
  • 10 times more effective than baking soda in reducing odors.
  • Easy-to-use suction cup design can be used in any refrigerator, any brand or type.
  • Kit includes filter housing and activated charcoal filter.
  • For best performance and optimal odor removal, the air filter kit should be replaced every 6 months.

    • Keep the inside of your refrigerator fresh with the Kenmore Air Filter
    • The unique formula of baking soda, activated carbon and zeolites trap and eliminate odors
    • Works for up to six months

      • Keep your air clean with a Kenmore Elite CleanFlow Air Filter
      • Carbon-based charcoal filter scrubs the air
      • More effective at reducing odors than traditional methods
      • Filters should be replaced every six months
      • Approximate dimensions: 3.1875” H x 3.1875” W

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