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An Easier Laundry Day

  • 8.0 cu. ft. to let you dry more in each load
  • Customizable options and cycles allow you to care for every fabric

Better Care for your Clothing

  • Instant Refresh cycle removes wrinkles and quickly refreshes your favorite items with steam in just 10 minutes
  • Perfect Steam Wrinkle Release option gently releases wrinkles and reduces static to keep clothes looking their best
  • 18-Minute Fast Dry cycle quickly dries the items you need most
  • Extended Tumble option keeps clothes tangle-free by gently tumbling clothes without heat after the cycle ends

Tailor-Made Convenience

  • Reversible door for easy loading no matter how your washer and dryer are configured in the home
  • Four-way venting allows for more installation options
  • ENERGY STAR certified for better efficiency

4.1 cubic feet of capacity and options such as delay start, you can do large loads of laundry with minimal effort.

  • Ultra Large Capacity (7.4 cu. ft.) means you have even more room to do laundry in fewer loads.
  • Go ahead, wear it again—in just 10 minutes, TurboSteam™ technology reduces wrinkles and odors in up to 5 garments when you don’t have time to wash. Also refreshes children’s toys, decorative pillows and more.
  • Built-in intelligence takes out the guesswork—AI technology selects optimal dry motions and settings. Washer can auto-select a compatible drying cycle.
  • The ThinQ® App controls laundry remotely & Proactive Customer Care sends maintenance tips & alerts.
  • Real tempered glass door provides a sleek, stylish look that also resists shock and scratches.
  • With the FlowSense™ Duct Clogging and Clean Filter Indicators, youll know when its time to clean the ducts and the lint filter out to ensure great drying every time, lower utility bills and fewer service calls.
  • ENERGY STAR® certified – high efficiency sensor drying and low-heat settings save energy and money without sacrificing performance.
  • LG closet-depth washers and dryers have a shallower depth to fit in more places & add sleek style to any room.
  • The Aluminized Alloy Steel Drum has toughness and an attractive finish that will last for years.
  • LoDecibel™ – this dryer is designed for quiet operation, from the motor to the cabinet to individual components. Pleasant end-of-cycle chime lets you know when clothes are dry.
  • Dryer door can easily be reversed from a right swing to a left swing in minutes to give you more installation options.
  • Select the Wrinkle Care option before hitting start and the dryer will periodically tumble the load for up to 3 hours after the cycle is done or until the door is opened to help keep wrinkles at bay.

Functions as a utensil drawer for cleaning of an entire flatware collection, along with carving knives, soup ladles, tongs and other cooking/serving tools. Illuminates the entire interior, leaving no question as to whether or not dishes have been cleaned. A dishwasher this quiet has a status indicator to tell you if the dishwasher is Washing, Drying or Clean.

  • Remote Control with the Whirlpool® app - Stay in control and connected from anywhere. The Whirlpool® app lets you set and start the dry cycle, pause it to remove delicate items and track progress when youre away.
  • 7.4 cu. ft. Capacity - Get plenty of room to dry the large loads you washed in the matching front load washer. This 7.4 cu. ft. dryer easily handles bulky items like comforters and sleeping bags.
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified - ENERGY STAR® certified models exceed government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on your utility bills.
  • Intuitive Controls - Let the dryer guide you to the right cycle combinations or customize up to 36 of your own to get the right type of fabric care for whatever youre drying.
  • Touchscreen - Get instant access to the settings you use most with an intuitive touchscreen that learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your familys routines. Create and save up to 30 of your own favorite cycles for even more customized care.
  • Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option with Steam - Help keep wrinkles from setting into clean, dry fabrics. The Wrinkle Shield™ Plus option with Steam uses tumbling and steam for up to 150 minutes after the cycle ends or until you open the dryer door for improved wrinkle-fighting performance.
  • Steam Refresh Cycle - Release wrinkles and reduce odors with the Steam Refresh cycle. It uses water and heat to get clothes ready to wear without rewashing.
  • Sanitize Cycle - The Sanitize cycle provides care for your clothes in the dryer while eliminating 99.9% of common household bacteria.
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing - Help keep wrinkles from setting into clean, dry fabrics. The Wrinkle Shield™ Plus option with Steam uses tumbling and steam for up to 150 minutes after the cycle ends or until you open the dryer door for improved wrinkle-fighting performance.
  • Static Reduce Option - Help decrease static with the Static Reduce option, which combines a spray of mist with tumbling after the load is dry.
  • EcoBoost™ Option - Use less energy while getting great drying performance with the EcoBoost™ option. This option saves energy by using less heat and an extended cycle time.

Equator ATFR0730SE provides sleek exterior, every detail of our slender 7.3 cu.ft. Top Mount Apartment Refrigerator is designed to meet your modern kitchens needs. Boasting two glass shelves, one wire shelf and a built-in crisper, this refrigerator makes it easier than ever to keep your perishables fresh and organized. At just 21.46 inches wide and a generous 56.3 inches tall, this compact appliance maximizes the space in your kitchen like never before. The top mounted refrigerators Energy Star rating and CSA Certification set a new benchmark for energy efficiency, while its mechanical temperature control, reversible door, adjustable feet and trio of color options make it a snap to customize this appliance.

  • The 9/8413x Elite dryer features 4 Moisture Sensors located inside the dryer drum (2 in the front and 2 in the back of the drum) to provides a more accurate reading of dampness and ensures the entire load is dried evenly
  • The Kenmore Elite Steam dryer 9/8413x has a venting run distance of 125 feet! Other dryers on average can only vent 75 feet possibly limiting installations and resulting in longer dry times. If your current dryer takes a long time to dry, the 9/8413x dryer can probably solve your venting issue resulting in fast efficient drying
  • Stacking Kit & Drying Rack are included
  • Kenmore Exclusive Soft Heat Technology ™ lowers the initial drying temperature to help prevent over-drying and fabric damage
  • Wrinkle Guard will continue tumble your dry clothes up to 180 minutes so they do not take a wrinkle if you cannot get to the dryer when the clothes are dry
  • The 9/8413x Kenmore Elite Dryer features Steam Care™ to removes wrinkles and refreshes clothes. A direct Y Connection water hook up system automatically provide a water supply to the dryer so all you have to do is press start
  • Intuitive 7 in. LCD Touchscreen display allows you to scroll through cycles with the slightest touch. Select the Sanitize cycle to ensure your laundry will by 99.9% bacteria free

Quiet Operation

  • 40 dBa for seriously quiet performance

Designed to Clean More

  • Advanced wash system uses more than 140 cleaning jets to target your dishes from every angle for a more thorough clean clean
  • 4 bottle jets ensure that tall and narrow items get the deep cleaning they deserve
  • Powerful Deep Clean silverware jets will get rid of stuck-on food from your utensils with ease
  • Handles 16 place settings so you wont be stuck washing all the dishes
  • Third rack gives you a dedicated space for the smaller items, like lids and utensils
  • Foldable tines can make space for large pots, pans and platters

Stay Connected

  • Wi-Fi Connect lets you monitor cycle status, reorder detergent, troubleshoot issues and more right from your phone

Flexible Wash Options

  • GE Wash Zones give you the flexibility to wash a half-load in the upper or lower rack with full cleaning performance.

Ready for the Table

  • Piranha hard food disposal pulverizes food to make sure youre only using the cleanest water for your dishes

Easy to Use

  • LCD display ensures youll have no trouble selecting the right cycles and staying updated on what stage your dishes are at

  • Stay efficient with an LG Ultra Large Capacity Graphite Steel Electric Dryer
  • Enjoy a spacious 7.4 cu. ft capacity
  • TrueSteam technology generates real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors
  • SteamFresh cycle refreshes clothing in only 20 minutes
  • Customize your dryer with NFC Tag-On technology
  • Sensor Dry measures moisture levels and automatically adjusts drying time
  • A graphite steel drum includes an advanced aluminized alloy coating
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Approximate dimensions: 27” W x 38.687” H x 29.75“ D

Essential Details

  • LuxCare Wash Arm uses water more effectively for a brilliant clean
  • Target Wash Zones ensures tough spots get cleaned
  • Perfect Dry System ensures dishes are dried without the need for wiping
  • Sure-2-Fit racking system, and removable third level utensil rack, allows you to adjust the racks to fit your needs
  • The Perfect Stemware grips gently hold delicate items
  • Built-in design fits your space like a glove
  • Soft light illuminates the floor when the cycle ends to let you know that dishes are clean

Convenient Cycles

  • The Perfect Stemware Cycle makes sure stemware comes out spotless
  • Sanitize option is certified to remove 99.9 percent of common household bacteria
  • 30 minute clean cycle gets things spick and span quick
  • Luxury-Quite design offers less disruption
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

Quiet Operation

This GE dishwasher runs at a gentle 40 dBa, so quiet youll barely be able to hear it. Toss a load in morning, noon or night without worrying about disrupting movie night or naptime.

Fits All the Dishes

This GE Profile 24 dishwasher can fit up to 16 place settings so you wont be stuck washing all the dishes. A third rack gives you a dedicated space for the smaller stuff, like lids and utensils, while the foldable tines below can make space for large pots, pans and platters.

Designed to Clean

GEs advanced wash system uses more than 140 cleaning jets and a quad -lade wash arm to target your dishes from every angle for a more thorough clean clean. 4 bottle jets ensure that even your tall and narrow items get the deep cleaning they deserve. Powerful Deep Clean silverware jets will get rid of stuck-on food from your utensils with ease.

Stay Connected

WIFI Connect lets you stay connected to your dishwasher, no matter where you are. Monitor cycle status, reorder detergent, troubleshoot issues and more right from your phone. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home makes this GE dishwasher easy to connect to your existing smart home network.

Flexible Wash Options

GE Wash Zones give you the flexibility to wash a half-load in the upper or lower rack with full cleaning performance.

Ready for the Table

The Piranha™ hard food dispenser uses a 3,600 RPM stainless steel blade to pulverize food to make sure youre only using the cleanest water for your dishes. Youll always be sure your dishes are perfectly dry and table-ready with the help of the hidden heater.

Easy to Use

The control panel is located at top of the door to help prevent accidental startups and keep your kitchen looking extra sleek. With an LCD display, youll have no trouble selecting the right cycles and staying updated on what stage your dishes are at.

QuadWash™ and Multi-Motion spray arms, TrueSteam technology and 4 steam jet design for maximum steam coverage to give you less water spots for the most sparkling clean dishes.

Smart Technology Makes Life Easier
Remote start your dishwasher and see how much time is remaining with the Kenmore® Smart app, and Kenmore Smart Skill works with Amazon Alexa.

Power Cleans Every Nook and Cranny
The 360° PowerWash X Wash System features 4 spray arms so there’s nowhere for dirty dishes to hide.

So Quiet, Yet So Clean
At 46dB, this dishwasher quietly runs in the background so it wont interfere with TV or sleeping.

Smooth Rack Operation
Smooth Glide Upper Rack features a glide rail to help it slide out easily.

Stainless Steel Tub
Stainless Steel interior tub is durable, resists stains, and helps improve drying performance.

The Right Cycle Every Time
SmartWash uses only the amount of energy and water the cycle needs to get your dishes nice and clean.

Sleek & Convenient Controls
Smooth & Light Touch Electronic control panel is hidden on the top of the door to operate with a light touch.

Adjustable Racks Handle Virtually Any Load
Adjustable Rack System easily adjusts to just about any load of dishes.

Keep Your Clean Dishes Dry
Condensation Guard option runs the ventilation fan periodically to help keep clean dishes dry.

Plates and Bowls Stay Put
Deluxe Tines keep plates and shallow bowls upright to get all of your dishes clean.

Accommodates Smaller Loads
Half Rack can be used for smaller loads to wash items only in the lower or only in the upper rack.

Wash Different Loads at the Same Time
Mixed Load Technology varies the water intensity on the upper and lower rack to optimize cleaning.

Gentle, Thorough Drying
Hybrid Condensing Drying System is gentle on dishes, including plastic and wooden utensils.

Stylish and Easy to Care For
Black Stainless looks great and stands up to everyday challenges like fingerprints and smudges.

Save Energy while You Clean
ENERGY STAR® Certified, so youll save water, energy and money as you clean.

Dishes So Clean, You Can Eat Off Them
NSF-certified* Sani Rinse eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, for seriously clean dishes & peace of mind.

1 Hour Express Wash
Accela Wash cycle cleans your dishes in 60 minutes using slightly more water and energy, towel dry dishes for immediate use.

*Certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 184 for residential dishwashers.

Reduces Wrinkles, Odors and Static Cling
Accela Steam™ creates more steam* to reduce wrinkles, odors and static cling.

Freshen-up Clothes without Washing
Steam Refresh™ reduces odors and relaxes wrinkles in 10 minutes.

Sanitize Without Washing
Sanitize Dry lets you sanitize items like sleeping bags and stuffed animals, without washing**.

No More Static Cling
Static Shield virtually eliminates static cling and dryer sheets by adding steam to the load.

Smart Technology Makes Life Easier
At home or on the go, the Kenmore Smart app lets you monitor the laundry from your smartphone, and Kenmore Smart Skill works with Amazon Alexa.

Handles Extra Large Loads
7.4 cu. ft. capacity dries an entire queen-size bed set in one load!

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles
Wrinkle Guard® tumbles clothes after the cycle is complete to help prevent wrinkles from setting in.

Intelligent Drying
Dual Sensor technology prevents over-drying to help keep clothes looking and feeling their best.

Safety First
The Check Vent Sensor alerts you when there is not enough air moving from the dryer to the outside.

Less Bending with Convenient Storage
Pedestal Drawers store laundry products and raise the washer and dryer up to a convenient height.

*When compared to Kenmore® steam dryers without Accela Steam
**Per NSF International Protocol P154 — Sanitization Performance of Residential Clothes Dryers

  • Express Dry+ Cycle — For a busy family on the go, time can be your worst enemy. Now customers can save precious time by drying a small load in just over 15 minutes
  • Steam Refresh™ — In just 20 minutes, customers can reduce odors and relax wrinkles so they can spend less time ironing. Clothes come out fresh, dry and ready to wear
  • Ultra Large Capacity — The 7.4 cu. ft. dryer keeps up with the wash load and is large enough to dry or refresh bulky items like sleeping bags, pillows and comforters
  • Sanitize/Antibacterial Cycle — This NSF® certified cycle eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria so customers can sanitize hard-to-wash items like decorative pillows and stuffed toys right in the dryer
  • Static Shield™ Option — Uses the power of real steam to virtually eliminate static cling and the need for dryer sheets
  • Kenmore Connect

  • With 7.3 cubic feet of capacity, the LG DLEX5780WE dryer handles really large loads, saving you time and energy.
  • With the EasyLoad™ Door you can choose to open the dryer door either vertically or horizontally, depending on load type, size or convenience.
  • Our TrueSteam™ Technology generates real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors, and practically eliminates the need for ironing.
  • The SteamFresh™ Cycle refreshes, and reduces wrinkles in up to five garments at a time with one 20-minute dryer cycle.
  • The SteamSanitary™ Cycle safely sanitizes items marked as non-washable, like throw pillows or children’s toys.
  • The SmartDiagnosis feature helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone, or with a simple app on your smart phone, helping you minimize costly, inconvenient service calls.*
  • The NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum is built to keep drying your clothes more efficiently without showing wear and tear.
  • The ReduceStatic™ Option virtually eliminates static cling.
  • The EasyIron™ Option lightly moistens clothes to make ironing easier and more efficient.
  • Sensor Dry system measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time.
  • 3-Minute Smart Installation Check feature ensures that the dryer has been installed properly and is working correctly.
  • With the FlowSense™ Duct Clogging Indicator youll know when its time to clean the ducts out to ensure great drying every time.
  • There’s no need for laundry to be noisy. Thanks to LGs LoDecibel™ operation, chances are you may not even notice it.
  • Just pop your dry clothes in for a tumble on the Wrinkle Care Option to reduce creases.
*SmartDiagnosis™ is designed to supplement existing methods of problem identification and may not be able to troubleshoot all issues.

  • SteamCare™ Technology reduces odors, relaxes wrinkles and cuts down on the need for ironing, so clothes are ready to wear in just 20 minutes.
  • Soft Heat Technology™ eliminates damage at the end of each cycle by lowering temperatures in 5 degree increments to reduce heat intensity and ensure a longer life for your fabrics.
  • Tumbling clothes periodically after the dry cycle is complete, Wrinkle Guard keeps fabrics fresh and smooth longer, so you can empty the dryer on your schedule.
  • From piles of clothes to big fluffy comforters, this dryer delivers plenty of space, so you can tumble, freshen and restore more in fewer loads.

A Smarter Way To Dry

  • Wi-Fi capability lets you monitor your laundry remotely with an ingenious smartphone app
  • SmartThinQ technology delivers features like Smart Access and Smart Adapt which allow you to monitor your dryer remotely and download new and improved cycles for different types of fabric and drying requirements
  • Smart Grid Ready feature automatically runs the dryer when electricity rates are lowest
  • Troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosis
  • FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator alerts you when its time to clean the ducts out to ensure great drying
  • Intuitive Dial-A-Cycle controls and easy to read Dual LED Display indicators help you find the right setting

The Basics

  • 7.3 cu. ft. capacity handles large loads
  • EasyLoad Door opens either vertically or horizontally for convenient loading and unloading
  • Sensor Dry system measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time
  • Wrinkle Care option reduce creases
  • Aluminized alloy steel drum has toughness and an attractive finish that will last for years
  • LoDecibel motor is so quiet that chances are you may not even notice it

18 Inch Fully Integrated Dishwasher with 7 Wash Cycles, 5 Wash Levels, StemSafe Shelf, 60 dBA Silence Rating, ENERGY STAR and ADA Compliant

This 48 built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator by GE Monogram offers 29.56 cu. ft. capacity that supports WiFi connect for wireless control from your smartphone. This refrigerator also features advanced temperature management system with multi-shelf brushed aluminum air tower, climate-control drawer, deli-drawer on full extension slides, humidity-controlled vegetable drawer and adjustable glass shelves. The advanced temperature management system has a multi-shelf air tower ensuring that perfectly chilled air is evenly distributed throughout. Additionally, the climate-controlled drawer allows you to express-chill drinks, quickly thaw meats, and set specific temperatures for your perishable foods. There’s a dairy bin with a center divider and a unique magnetic seal that helps lock in maximum freshness.

Plenty of Space to Clean

  • Washes up to 16 place settings at a time
  • Configure racks to fit your dishes with adjustable loading options
  • Easy-touch adjustable upper rack with two Stem-Safe shelves adjust to accommodate tall glassware and 10.5 plates
  • Full-extension, smooth-glide upper rack with fold-down tines let you easily fit large or odd-shaped items in the upper rack

Powerful Cleaning Action

  • Advanced wash system with more than 140 cleaning jets help you achieve the ultimate clean
  • Powerful silverware jets blast away stuck-on food
  • Bottle Jets clean hard-to-reach areas inside tall items
  • Reversing quad blade wash arm has 25 spray jets to hit dishes from every angle
  • Side jets produce cascading water fills the dishwasher while hydrating soils

Superior Design

  • Hidden vent with fan dry ensures that dishes dry quickly and efficiently
  • Operates at a quiet 45 dBa

The 29 Front Load Dryer from Maytag will be the best addition to your kitchen. The dryer come with 7 cu. ft. Capacity, 9 Dry Cycles that features rapid dry cycle and uses Advanced Moisture Sensing for drying large loads evenly every time. Dry a small load fast with the Rapid Dry cycle, which pairs nicely with the Rapid Wash cycle on select Maytag® washers to get clothes ready in no time. This Maytag dryer uses steam on select cycles to help prevent wrinkles, refresh clothes and reduce static. With the Static Reduce option, a fine mist of water is sprayed onto clothes as they tumble at the end of the cycle to cut down on static. Advanced Moisture Sensing uses sensor strips to monitor moisture levels and temperatures.

A combination of style and functionality, this Stainless Cabinet Beverage Center features two temperature-controlled zones to help preserve the flavor and integrity of individual wines. There’s a special zone for whites and a separate zone for reds. It has a 14 wine bottle capacity that can easily fit a wine collection with space left over for other beverages.

Enhance your kitchen with this counter depth refrigerator from GE, designed for a built-in look without the built-in price. With 22.2 cu. ft. of capacity, and flexible storage options like cantilevered spill proof shelving, spacious door bins with gallon capacity and humidity-controlled crisper drawers, theres a place for everything. It also features a temperature-controlled drawer, providing specialized storage for everything from meats to cheeses to beverages. The external dispenser only serves up fresh, clean ice and water - GEs Advanced Filtration system removes trace pharmaceuticals and other impurities. The Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings create an extra boost of cold air inside the unit to quickly cool down your food if its gotten warm. And with ENERGY STAR® qualification, this refrigerator exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency. That means its environmental and economical - youll benefit the environment while saving on utility costs.

Sleek Storage

  • 24.7 cu. ft. of storage provides ample space
  • Transparent doors with bins make family food storage simple
  • 4 refrigerator shelves and 4 freezer shelves offer full-width storage 
  • Automatic in-door ice maker maximizes freezer space, leaving more room for frozen foods and offers convenient access to ice

Modern Marvels

  • Food ShowCase door displays on-the-go items front and center, allowing items to be quickly reached without opening the door
  • Metal Cooling locks in cold and seals in freshness while helping to maintain consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator
  • TWIN COOLING PLUS offers improved temperature and humidity controls to keep food fresh longer
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool functions easily drop the temperature in each compartment within minutes with the push of a button
  • New 3-way valve improves air-flow synchronization between fridge and freezer
  • Maintains higher humidity to keep fruits and vegetables crisp
  • Freezer designed to reduce moisture and prevent freezer burn with no mixing of odors
  • LED tower lighting brightens every corner with a vertical design
  • Digital LED display has lights that shine through micro-pinholes to show temperature
  • ENERGY STAR certified to save energy with reduced heat and energy output

Disclaimer: Prices may vary for Puerto Rico and Hawaii Stores

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