Dust Bag

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  • Two-ply designed ultra-allergen filtration bags trap more dust and debris to remove from your carpet

  • Three-pack of bags make sure you’re prepared for deep carpet cleaning
  • Designed to fit Eureka Type RR

  • Designed to fit Eureka and Sanitaire vacuums with type F &G, Singer with type SUB-1 and Kenmore type 5002 & 5062 bags

  • Standard filtration system gathers the dust and debris from your floor
  • Easy to install means you spend more time cleaning instead of replacing
  • Three bags per package ensure you’ve got all you need for major cleaning days

  • Routine vacuum bag replacement helps clear more dust, debris and other common allergens from your home
  • Easy to install, these replacement bags are designed to fit Eureka upright vacuums, type AA
  • Three bags per package means you’ll have an extra on hand for deep cleaning

Disclaimer: Prices may vary for Puerto Rico and Hawaii Stores