24 Inch Front Load Washing Machine

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Whirlpool WHD5090GW 4.3 cu. ft. White Front Load Elect...

$779.99 Originally:$1,299.99 (List Price)
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  • This compact-sized dryer has a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity provides room to fit your clothes while still being able to fit your space
  • 10 Dryer Cycles including Air Dry, Bulky Items, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Mixed, Normal, Refresh, Synthetics, Timed Dry, and Wool
  • The stainless steel drum will keep your items protected from rust or abrasion
  • Front panel controls provide convenient access to all cycle and option selections
  • Refresh your load using the Refresh cycle, so dry, clean clothes are ready to wear without needing to be rewashed
  • Keep cozy, dryable wool fabrics fluffy and smooth with the Wool cycle that uses a gentle drying process
  • Wrap up in a warm, fresh-from-the-dryer comforter. Perfectly dry your bedding or other bulky items with the Bulky Bedding cycle
  • Help prevent heat damage to fabrics. The Air Dry cycle is great for airing, refreshing and loosening up loads without added heat
  • Get gentle drying for delicate loads with Gentle Dry that reduces the drying temperature
  • Dry a small load quickly when youre on a tight schedule with X-Dry
  • Care for each garment with baffles that provide balanced tumbling for gentle, perfect drying
  • Help prevent wrinkles even on a hectic schedule with the WRINKLE SHIELD option. Intermittent tumbling helps keep wrinkles from setting into clean clothes for up to 12 hours after the cycle ends

LG WM1388HW 2.3 cu. ft. Compact Front Load Washer w/ ...

$692.99 Originally:$1,099.99 (List Price)
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Laundry Done Right

  • Large 2.2 cu. ft. capacity for a compact washer means you can do more laundry in fewer loads
  • 6Motion™ Technology uses 6 different wash motions to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience
  • SpeedWash™ cycle gets small loads clean and fresh in just 15 minutes

Built for Better Operation

  • TrueBalance™ anti-vibration system is designed to reduce washer noise and vibration for smooth, quiet performance in any room of the house
  • Intuitive Dial-A-Cycle™ controls and dual LED display indicators help you find the right setting every time
  • LoDecibel™ motor operates at a low noise level
  • NeveRust™ wash tub is made of durable stainless steel, avoiding nicks that can snag fabrics

Simple Maintenance

  • Troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosis™
  • Customize your washer and dryer and troubleshoot even more efficiently with NFC tag-on technology

Designed for Convenience

  • Direct drive motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently
  • The spin cycle on this washer reaches up to 1400 RPM for a powerful spin for better water extraction and less drying time
  • ENERGY STAR qualified to help you save on energy

Whirlpool WFW5090JW 2.3 cu. ft. White High Efficiency ...

$787.49 Originally:$1,249.99 (List Price)
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  • Space-saving design with a 24 width and 2.3 cu. ft. capacity
  • Add the right amount of detergent to prevent residue
  • Use higher temperatures to sanitize items like towels

Haier QFW150SSNWW 24 Inch Smart Front Load Washer with...

$647.99 Originally:$1,200.00 (List Price)
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2.4 cubic feet of capacity and options such as delay start, you can do large loads of laundry with minimal effort. With hundreds of available cycle modifications, this awesome washer puts a whole new spin on doing laundry. This washer plugs into Haier 24 inch Ventless Condenser or 24 inch Vented dryer

Whirlpool WFW3090GW 24" 1.9 cu. ft. White Front Load W...

$599.99 Originally:$999.99 (List Price)
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  • Smart Appliance
  • Remote Control
  • Steam Refresh Cycle
  • Wrinkle Shield Plus Option with Steam
  • 1.9 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing

Whirlpool WFW5090GW 2.3 cu.ft. White Front Load Washer

$674.99 Originally:$1,249.99 (List Price)
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Maximize laundry room space with this 24-inch Whirlpool front-load compact washer. Its 2.3 cu. ft. capacity lets you clean plenty of clothes at once, and its ColorLast option stops bright garments from fading. This Whirlpool front-load compact washer has 11 wash cycles and 10 options to provide superior care for your clothing. Keep clothes fresh without having to immediately transfer them to the dryer. The TumbleFresh™ option activates after the wash cycle is finished and tumbles clean clothes periodically for up to 6 hours to help prevent wrinkles from setting in. Start your next load quickly using the sleek control interface of the Tap Touch controls with Memory. This technology allows direct access to washer functions and even remembers your last cycle and settings to save you time.

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