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The dreamGUARD Mattress Protector protects your mattress from everyday life. It is a microfleece sheet that goes onto your mattress just like a fitted sheet. It helps protect from every day stains and dust mites and will help increase the life of your mattress. The material is breathable, which helps regulate your body temperature. Not only will the dreamGUARD Mattress Protector protect your mattress, it will also help protect your mattresses manufacturer’s warranty when purchased at the same time.

• Waterproof
• Breathable Fabric
• Protects Against Dust Mites
• Soft Touch Microfleece
• Stretch Skirt Fits Up to 22'' Mattress
• 10 Year Warranty
• Price Includes: 1 Twin Mattress Protector

Width 39
WARRANTY   10 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty


Microfleece Mattress Protector
•10 year warranty for craftsmanship and cleanliness with unlimited protector replacements.
•10 year warranty for cleanliness of mattress with 1 mattress replacement.
•No exlusions for incontinence.
•Waterproof, Does not absorb liquids
•Soft microfleece top layer comfort
•Whisper quiet, sleeps cool
•Durable consistent feel despite frequent washes
•Breathable barrier keeps protector and mattress dry
•Improved durability fom heat
•Moisture and allergen protection layer guards against dust mites, dander, and moisture


Preventative care is the best way of maintaining a great night’s sleep on your mattress. Mattress Pads protect your mattress and provide a protection plan that covers your mattress if stains occur. Vacuuming is the best way to attempt to clean a mattress yourself. Do not use any type of dry-cleaning fluid as it can damage the foam and other materials in your mattress.

dreamGUARD Twin Size Mattress Protector

Item # 114157 | Model # MP002033A
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