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Item # 30959 | Model # JGP5536DLBB | SKU # 22030959000-MMFWY9DOX
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GE Appliances JGP5536DLBB 36" Built-In Gas Cooktop - Black

Item # 30959 | Model # JGP5536DLBB | SKU # 22030959000-MMFWY9DOX
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The Heat is On

Whether you need fast boil or low, even heat, the GE JGP5536DLBB 36'' blackl built-in gas cooktop can deliver just the right temperature to make delicious meals. Sleek and easy to clean, the gas-on-glass cooktop is designed with continuous grates to easily slide pans between burners when you're cooking up a storm. A 15,000 BTU Power Boil burner kicks up the heat for fast boiling, while the Precise Simmer ensures your poached eggs come out just right with low heat. A control lock capability helps make sure your cooktop doesn't start until you're ready.

Multi-Task like a Professional Chef

Show off your master chef skills by cooking multiple foods simultaneously and to delicious results. Continuous grates let you easily slide pans from high heat to low or to an unused burner for cooling.

Get Boiling

A 15,000 BTU Power Boil burner delivers high heat for fast boiling, ensuring your pasta will be ready before you know it. Forgot to hard boil eggs for breakfast? No worries, just fire up the power burner and you’re closer to the finish line than you thought.

Cooked Just Right

The Precise Simmer burner is ideal for delicate foods. Poached eggs and fried zucchini flowers won’t burn with this low, even heat.

Clean Up in a Snap

Sealed cooktop burners contain spills, so you can easily wipe up any accidents and get back to enjoying your meal. The continuous grates and control knobs are dishwasher safe for the ultimate cleaning convenience.


COOKING SURFACE   Gas: Sealed burners
DEPTH IN.   21.25
HEIGHT IN.   3.875
WIDTH IN.   24.5

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