nordicREST Odin Collection

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nordicREST Odin Collection

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  • Description & Overview

    Enjoy sound sleep on the NordicRest® Odin Luxury Plush Memory Foam mattress. The quilt layer of every NordicRest® mattress features Safe Slumber Fire Retardant System. This 11” thick mattress has Visco Memory Foam that keeps you cozy night after night. The NordicRest® Odin Luxury Plush Memory Foam mattress offers premium gel foam technology without the high-end price tag.

    • Quilt layer has Nordic Touch Cover Quilting and 1" thick Temperature Regulating Gel Foam technology that keeps you cool and dry
    • Comfort layer features luxurious 2" thick Responsive Visco Memory Foam.
    • Upholstery layer features a layer of 2" thick Plush Comfort Foam.
    • 6" thick High-Density Support Foam Core offers excellent support.
    • Made in USA.
    • 10-year manufacturers limited warranty.

    Nordic Rest is a trademarked brand that is exclusive to American Freight that focuses on using quality foams and the latest technologies to ensure you receive a perfect night’s rest.  The Nordic Rest collection features adaptive cooling fabrics which regulate your temperature and also utilize memory foams that cradle you and have quick recovery. 

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"Is a split box spring available?"
Split box springs are available with a King size while other sizes do not have split box springs.
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  • Sep 9, 2019
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