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Are All Front Load Washers Stackable?

Are All Front Load Washers & Dryers Stackable?

When browsing for a new washing machine or dryer, there are some important factors to consider in your search. There is an abundance of front load washers and dryers to choose from – each unique with features that should accommodate your family’s needs. In recent years, front load washers and dryers have become a hot commodity in US homes. Many people prefer front load washers and dryers over top load due to their sleeker design, energy savings, higher efficiency, and most notably, for the ability stack. But are all front load washers and dryers stackable?

Are All Front Load Washers and Dryers Stackable?

Spoiler alert: not all front load washers and dryers can be stacked! Before you begin the process of stacking, make sure to check if your washer and dryer is capable of being stacked. You can find this information in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website of both appliances. Do check for both washer and dryer, especially if they are different models. If you’re still in the market for laundry machines, you can ensure that your front load washer and dryer will stack by buying matching units.

How to Stack a Front Load Washer and Dryer?

Once you’ve determined that your front load washer or dryer is stackable, how do you actually go about stacking your front load washer and dryer?

Step 1: Make Space

To make sure everything will fit seamlessly, measure your space in addition to your front load washer and dryer. If you choose to place them in a closet or an enclosed area, make sure to leave a few inches on the sides for ventilation. Don’t forget to check if there will be enough space to close the closet door too!

Step 2: Buy a Stacking Kit

After you verify stacking capability and make space for your appliances, you will need to purchase a stacking kit that is compatible with both laundry machines. Stacking kits can vary depending on the model of the units, so be sure to choose the right stacking kit for your front load washer and dryer. Once you find the correct stacking kit, follow the directions closely. A stacking kit will tightly fasten your machines in place with screws and latches. This will help decrease any unwanted vibrations that could cause the machines to come apart and fall over.

Step 3: Run a Test Cycle

You’re almost there! The last step is to run a test cycle and watch both laundry machines carefully to secure stability. If you notice excessive vibrations or shaking, adjust the screws and latches of the stacking kit.
Getting your washer and dryer stacked opens up more space and adds a modern flair to your home. Just remember to check if your machines are stackable!

Posted on July 26, 2023 at 07:39 AM
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