Whirlpool White Slide-in Electric Range

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  • Flexheat Dual Radiant Elements Give the Versatility You Need for Different Tasks

Whirlpools innovative stovetops feature two elements in one with a 6 inner ring for small cookware and a 9 outer ring for bigger pots.

  • True Convection Cooking

A third element under the fan distributes air evenly over, under and around food, offering a more evenly cooked result.

  • Frozen Bake Technology Saves You Time

Go ahead and skip the preheat cycle so you and your family can enjoy frozen foods up to 31% faster.

  • AquaLift Self-Clean Technology Gives a Sparkling Clean Oven with no Chemicals

Simply use water with low heat and in 50 minutes, this self-clean cycle does the work for you.

  • Temperature Sensor Offers Better Results

This built-in sensor monitors and adjusts the oven temperature during the cooking cycle for evenly baked foods.

    The oven offers 6.4 cu. ft. of capacity and an array of time saving features. Enjoy cooking with true convection and achieve perfectly even baking results with each use. The temperature sensor ensures that temperature within the oven stays consistent. Use the ranges Frozen Bake™ technology to cook frozen food with pre-programmed settings to get your meals table ready in less time. Use the Scan-to-Cook technology to get the right settings every time. Simply scan a food barcode with your smartphone and customized cooking settings will be sent to the oven. The Nest Learning Thermostat™ will alert you on your smart device if the oven has been left on, saving you from worrying.

      • 5.3 cu. ft. oven 
      • 2 full-width oven shelves 
      • 5 burners 
      • Temperature sensors
      • Flex for quicker searing and boiling 
      • Self-cleaning system 

        • 4.8 cu. ft. oven 
        • 2 full-width oven shelves 
        • 4 electric burners 
        • High Speed electric coil for quicker searing and boiling 
        • Self-cleaning system 

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