Can someone from the store help me load my order?

As a courtesy to customers, American Freight Stores, LLC will provide loading assistance to help customers load purchased merchandise into their personal vehicles at the customer’s request.

American Freight Stores, LLC cautions customers that self-loading and transportation of merchandise may present risks of injury to the customer, or others, and damage to the customer’s vehicle, or other vehicles, and the purchased merchandise. American Freight Stores, LLC recommends that customers utilize delivery services, which minimize the risk of property damage and personal injuries.

Due to the personal injury and property damage risks, courtesy loading assistance is limited to only the act of assisting the customer with placing purchased merchandise in their vehicle. American Freight Stores, LCC and its staff is unable to provide the following services for customers:

◘ move or rearrange existing items in customer’s vehicles;
◘ remove seats from vehicles
◘ attempt to put items in vehicles that clearly will not fit; or
◘ tie down items to trailers, vehicle roofs, or trunks.

American Freight Stores, LCC staff may not accept gratuities for providing loading assistance to customers.
American Freight Stores, LLC will not be responsible for any personal injury or property damage occurring while providing loading assistance.