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    Adjustable Beds

    American Freight is the place to shop for adjustable beds for sale at cheap prices. We carry adjustable beds from top brands you can trust. Want a perfect night's sleep in a bed that can be reclined and adjusted to your needs? Browse our extensive collection of adjustable beds.

    From full size to king size, our adjustable beds are perfect for lounging as well as for sleeping. Our adjustable beds and platform beds can be adjusted to a variety of positions to allow for the perfectly comfortable position, whether you're sleeping, reading, watching TV, or working on your laptop. Find adjustable beds in various sizes, including king, queen, and twin. We even carry extra long adjustable beds. Plus, don't forget to find a perfect mattress for your adjustable bed frame.

    At American Freight, we carry a wide variety of new adjustable beds, so there is a bed priced for your needs. It's time you set yourself up in a great bedroom. Check out American Freight's furniture for your bedroom. Want to lounge around comfortably in your living room? We have living room furniture that'll make your living area both comfortable and beautiful. Shop online today, or find the stores nearest you with our store selector!