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Samsung NZ36K7880US/AA 36" Induction Cooktop w/Flex Zone – Stainless Steel

Item # 29623 | Model # NZ36K7880US/AA | SKU # 22029623000-0EA87DBTC00006
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Samsung NZ36K7880US/AA 36'' Induction Cooktop w/Flex Zone - Powerful and Precise Cooking Flexibility

Combining an innovative design with powerful cooking capabilities, the Samsung 36'' Induction Cooktop w/Flex Zone is every home chef's dream appliance. This cooktop's FlexZone feature automatically adjusts heat to adapt to pots and pans of different shapes and sizes so you can maximize your cooking space and prepare multiple dishes at once. And if you're making a meal in a hurry, you'll love the Power Boost option. This functionality lets you focus intense heat on a single burner for faster boiling times. With 15 heat settings, Digital-Analog Controls and Virtual Flame LED surface lights that shine onto your pans to give them the visual of gas cooking with the precision of induction, this Samsung cooktop brings the future of cooking to your modern kitchen.

  • Power Boost Option

Samsung understands that sometimes you need to eat and run, that's why they've equipped this cooktop with Power Boost. Focused heat will increase intensity on any burner for faster boil times. Prepare a pot of pasta in less time or boil eggs before you head out the door with this convenient functionality.

  • FlexZone Cooking

This large cooking area is designed to adapt to pots and pans of different shapes and sizes, giving you the ultimate in cooktop flexibility.

  • Now You're Cooking with Gas – Or Are You?

Innovative Virtual Flame LED Surface Lights glow like real gas flames, giving you a clear view of if the rings are on and how hot they are.

  • Multiple Modes for a Custom Culinary Experience

Simmer Control ensures your cooktop's temperatures stay even for better sauce and soup simmering results while Melt Mode maintains low temperatures to temper chocolate or melt butter to perfection.

  • Digital or Analog – The Choice is Yours

Offering you the ultimate user interface, this cooktop lets you choose between a removable magnetic analog knob or digital touch controls. Take control of your cooktop with intuitive controls.

  • Connect, Create and Inspire

This modern cooktop can be monitored remotely – all you have to do is download the Samsung app and hook up to a Wi-Fi connection to control your cooktop from afar.


COOKING SURFACE   Electric: induction glass surface
FUEL TYPE   Induction
WIDTH IN.   36

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