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Frigidaire FCWS3027AD 30" Electric Single Wall Oven in Black Stainless Steel

Item # 115689 | Model # FCWS3027AD | SKU # FCWS3027AD-vf30524239
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A popular choice among home chefs is the 30'' single electric wall oven with fan convection. A model with a black stainless steel finish looks great in any kitchen and complements the other appliances in the room. Take full advantage of the fan convection feature and bake food fast and efficiently.

You'll love the extra-large capacity of the Frigidaire wall oven, especially around the holidays. With 5.3 cubic feet of capacity, you can churn out those cookies and pies. Customizable broil temperatures let you cook with precision as you set the right temperature to broil steaks, chicken and turkey to perfection. Choose a broiling temperature in a range between 400 and 550 degrees and use the convenient cook time setting to program your baking and broiling. It turns off at the end of the time you select so you don't have to worry. Use the keep warm setting and your food will stay warm until your family or dinner guests are seated at the table.


COLOR FAMILY   Black Stainless Steel

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