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Café CEP90301TBB 30" Touch Control Electric Cooktop in Black

Item # 122565 | Model # CEP90301TBB | SKU # CEP90301TBB-FV163687
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This electric cooktop is the perfect centerpiece for any kitchen. Five radiant cooking elements deliver precise, even heating for your signature dishes, and glide touch controls let you choose from 19 different settings with just a swipe of your finger. Powered by Bluetooth, Precision Temperature Control lets you use smart pans to take your results to the next level, dialing into the exact temperature desired, like you do on your oven. In addition to flawless functionality, a smooth glass surface is easy to clean and beveled edges bring design sophistication to your kitchen.

Key Features
  • Power Boil on Tri- and Dual-Ring Elements
  • Easy Clean Surface with Beveled Edge
  • Glide Touch Controls
  • Specifications

    BUILT IN   Yes
    COLOR FAMILY   Black
    DEPTH IN.   21.5 in
    HEIGHT IN.   3.375 in
    WIDTH IN.   29.875 in

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