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How to Choose a New Lawn Mower – Buying Guide


Why Buy A New Push Mower?

Keeping your lawn neat and healthy is no easy task. During peak growing season you’ll need to mow the lawn once a week. A new lawn mower will cut your grass easily and neatly. You will save money on lawn mower repairs and fuel since newer models have better fuel efficiency. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about it acting up during peak mowing season.
So, what should you consider when choosing a push mower? How do you pick lawn and garden equipment that’s right for the job? There are a few things to consider: how large is your yard? Is your yard flat or uneven? What features fit your needs? How would you like to dispose of grass clippings? If your lawn is a ½ acre or less a walk behind mower is a great and affordable option!



Man using a Craftsman Pro Series push mower to cut lawn

Types of Push Lawn Mowers

Self-propelled mowers and push mowers are gas operated and great for flat and uneven terrain and offer a wider cutting path. Self-propelled mowers also come in FWD, RWD and AWD for better traction.
Front-wheel drive (FWD) – great for level terrain as it allows you to turn easily
Rear-wheel drive (RWD) – traction in the center and effective for hilly terrain
All-wheel drive (AWD) – power to all four wheels so beneficial for level and hilly areas

Woman using a Husqvarna RWD push mower to cut lawn near flower beds

Lawn Mower Features

Consider what push mower features work best for your needs.
Large rear wheels and front caster wheels – make a mower more maneuverable
A no-prime engine – quickly start your gas mower
A large deck width – can cut more grass in one pass
A deck that can be raised or lowered easily – for different grasses and easy cleaning



Lawn Mower Engine Sizes

One option to look at when choosing a mower is what type of engine will make your yard cleanup most efficient. If you have a large yard and uneven or difficult terrain, a larger engine will help you tackle things like tall and wet grass, leaf mulching and cutting down weeds. If you have a small, flat lawn a standard engine size will do the trick.

Grass being discharged from the side of a push mower

Grass Disposal Options

How do you like to handle your grass clippings? Choose a mower with a bag for easy disposal. Or, find a mower with a mulching option where the clippings are discharged from the side or the deck of the mower. Most mowers will come with two of these functions, but for maximum utility choose a three-function mower.



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