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How to Choose an Oven


How to Buy an Oven that Fits Your Space

Measure the space available for your new wall oven. Height, width and depth are crucial in deciding which built-in unit is right for you. The cabinet opening is the primary dimension that is needed when selecting the correct model.

wall oven dimensions

Wall Oven Sizes

  • Range of Widths: Wall Ovens are available in widths between 23.5″-30″ (exterior measurement)
  • Range of Height: Wall Ovens are available in heights between 28″- 52.6″, depending on whether it is a single or double oven
  • Range of Depths: Wall Ovens are available in depths between 23.5″-27.5″

Types of Ovens

Which fuel type for the Wall Oven is right for you? Wall Ovens are defined by the whether they use Gas or Electric to heat the unit.

Gas Wall Oven

Gas Wall Ovens use natural gas to heat the oven.

  • Pros: More energy efficient than electric. Keep baked goods moist.
  • Points to Consider: There could be potential air pockets with uneven heat distribution. Need to be vented to the outside. May be costly if there is no connection for gas already in your kitchen.
gas oven

electric oven

Electric Wall Ovens

Electric Wall Ovens use a 220v power outlet to supply power to the heating elements.

  • Pros: Less costly to purchase and install and have higher heating power. They also more accurately maintain temperatures. have larger capacities, and allow for more features like self-cleaning and convection.
  • Points to Consider: Requires strong electrical connection, depending on model. Cost of operating depends on electricity prices for your utility bill.

Extra Features for Your Wall Oven

Built-in ovens have become quite innovative and many different features are available for each type.
Number of Ovens:

  • Single – Standard design. Oven has the option of larger capacity with multiple rack placement options.
  • Double – Gives more flexibility in cooking two things at the same time but with different temperatures.
  • Microwave combination – Similar to a double oven but the top compartment is a microwave and the lower is an oven.

Oven Type:

  • Conventional – Standard. Cooks food by heating the air surrounding with no air flow.
  • Convection – Heats food faster and more evenly by circulating hot air through a fan. Prevents air pockets of uneven temperatures and allows you to cook on more than one rack at a time with even cooking.
  • True Convection – A third element is added to decrease preheat times, and allow faster roasting and more even baking than standard fan convection.

Oven Cleaning:

  • Manual – Requires cleaning by hand.
  • Self-Clean – Cleaning cycle that minimizes manual work in cleaning the oven. Uses heat or steam to attack grease, grime, and leftover food residues. oven featuresKnob Control:
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical Dial

Temperature Control: Added feature into some models. This built-in probe is perfect for checking the progress of cooking meats evenly.
Ball Bearing Racks: Makes the rack easy to pull out for convenience when putting in and taking out cookware, as well as checking progress of food.
Sabbath Mode: Models with Sabbath mode meet requirements for Jewish Sabbath and other holidays. The oven can be set to go on immediately, stay on for a set amount of time, or turn off automatically after some duration has passed. It will stay at its set temperature, while display remains off. This allows people to still serve warm food while observing such religious practices.
Safety Lock: Prevents unintended tampering and opening of the oven.
ADA Compliant: The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that certain models are accessible for people with disabilities.

oven features

Oven Brands

Select from the many oven brands we have to offer. Each brand offers many of the different features above.

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