American Freight offers new Hotpoint Washer and Dryer Pair IN STOCK!

 With great features and an affordable price, Hotpoint washer dryer pairs are a worthwhile investment. Not only has Hotpoint been in the appliance business for over 100 years, but there are perks to purchasing a Hotpoint washing machine and dryer as a laundry pair. 

Hotpoint Washers and Dryers combine sensible solutions with unbelievable durability to keep up with your laundry needs for years to come. When you replace your washer and dryer at the same time, they run at the same capacity, maintain similar efficiency levels, and will be the same age; making replacing both at the same time a sensible option.

Hotpoint 3.8 cu. ft. Washer

Model : HTW240ASKWS

Hotpoint HTW240ASKWS 3.8 cu ft Washer

Stainless Steel Basket & Heavy-Duty Agitator
Durable and tough, this long-lasting, stainless steel tub resists rust and won’t
chip, peel or snag clothes.

Powerful agitator to get clothes thoroughly cleaned.

Precise Fill with Water Level Control
Select your water level or let the machine automatically sense the load and add
the right amount of water.

Load Size
Select your preferred load size and the desired water level for great cleaning results, every time.

Deep Rinse
Ensure clothes are rinsed free of detergent, fabric softener and stubborn soils for
the perfect clean with deep rinse feature

Hotpoint 6.2 cu.ft. Electric/Gas Dryer

Model : HTX24EASKWS (Electric)

Model: HTX24GASKWS (Gas)

Hotpoint HTX24EASKWS 6.2 cu ft. Electric Dryer

This setting monitors the temperature of the air in the dryer and adjusts the drying time, so that clothes come out looking and feeling great.

Aluminized Alloy Drum
Long-lasting and durable, the aluminized alloy drum resists corrosion and improves energy efficiency because of its heat-reflecting capabilities.

120 ft Venting Capability
Maximize your dryer’s performance with innovative venting that’s designed to
provide optimal airflow, enhanced drying ability and flexible installation.

Three Heat Selections
With a selection of drying temperatures to choose from, you can enjoy personalized fabric care with every load.