DFN100 Finn Dining Collection

DFN100 Finn Dining Collection

DFN100 Finn Dining Collection

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    The rustic Finn 5 Piece Dining Set is stylish and the perfect set to update a dining room! The Finn features a light brown, natural visible grain with a darker burnishing brown appearing through all the wood set pieces: the thick, farmhouse tabletop, the table base, and the chairs.

    Available in 5, and 7 piece sets

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Bitter to Sweet

My boyfriend and I were looking for a nice sectional for our apartment, as the couches we had were his parents from before he was born! We ended up agreeing on getting a 2 piece leather sectional. We made the measurements for the apartment and knew it would fit in our livingroom. However, we made the grave mistake of not measuring our elevators or staircase(we live on the 3rd floor of the building). The delivery men showed up and got the small piece up and did everything they could to get the larger section up, but could not do it. We wanted to go get it figured out as soon as possible, but it was the week of Thanksgiving and we couldn't make it back in for 5 days to figure it out. Convinced we would not find anything to please us since we had scoured the store previous to finding the couch we wanted, we were expecting to get at least a partial refund. We had no such luck, the store considered this situation as a non-fit and refused a refund. Instead, they did everything they could to find us a couch, a sectional nonetheless, that would work for us and have a price and style that we loved! I was very impressed with the staff and management team at the burnsville location. We were lucky enough to work with David and the GM Marqitis who were determined to have us walk away with the best experience possible under unfortunate circumstances. All in all, great customer service, quality furniture, and amazing prices.
  • Brooke Roberts
  • 11/27/2018
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