Maytag Refrigerators

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Maytag Refrigerators

American Freight is your destination for Maytag refrigerators on sale! Renowned for their quality, long-term durability and affordable prices, Maytag fridges are an essential kitchen appliance that are built to last.

Choose from contemporary colors like chrome, sleek black and classic white, and shop modern finishes like brushed stainless steel. Select Maytag refrigerators with extra features like stainless steel shelves, built in water and ice dispensers, and flexible storage with easily movable shelves, fora Maytag fridge that’s right for your kitchen and your needs. Shop Maytag side-by-side refrigerators for easily accessible freezer storage, or French door refrigerators from Maytag for a classic fridge arrangement that keeps your fresh food at eye-level, and your frozen goods down below in a convenient drawer.

For more reliable kitchen appliances, shop Maytag freezers and Maytag ranges.

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