Kenmore Elite Side By Side Refrigerators

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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Side By Side

With a Kenmore Elite Side By Side Refrigerator, you can store almost endless amounts of food, fruit and vegetables, and even last night’s leftovers and still expect them to be just as fresh as when you first put them away.The Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Side by Side looks great, with a sleek smooth design and it comes in a variety of colors and finishes including, black stainless, white, and beige & bisque. Among the advanced features are SmartSense Temperature Management which immediately responds to any sudden warming or cooling temperature changes, to preserve a constant temperature. The CleanFlow™ air filter draws away any food odours to keep the fridge smelling clean and many Kenmore Elite Refrigerators come with a hands-free water and ice dispenser, offering cold, crisp great tasting water every time. Be sure to browse through the other high-quality Kenmore Elite Range including Kenmore Elite Freezers, Garbage Disposals and Dishwashers. "

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