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Kenmore Elite Cooktops: Gas, Electric & More

Get serious about cooking with a Kenmore Elite Cooktop from American Freight. Space saving and elegantly designed to fit any kitchen, American Freight has the perfect Kenmore Elite Cooktop for you.Kenmore Elite Cooktops are either electric or gas based. The gas-based Kenmore Elite Cooktops feature gas burners for simmering or all-purpose cooking, allowing you to cook separate dishes simultaneously. Many gas-based Kenmore Elite Cooktops come with full-width, cast iron continuous grates, creating a larger cooking surface so you can easily slide pots across instead of having to lift over an exposed flame. For those who prefer the added flexibility of an electric cooktop, Kenmore Elite Electric Cooktops feature elements of varying sizes and different cooking functions - perfect to suit your cooking needs. The Kenmore Elite Cooktops are available in stainless steel, white or black and look great in any kitchen. You can also get great deal with a purchase of a Kenmore Elite Cooktop floor model. Read the reviews on Kenmore Elite Cooktops to see what other satisfied customers have to say. Take a look at the other quality kitchen products from Kenmore including Kenmore Microwaves, Ovens and Kitchen Appliance Parts & Accessories."

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