Traditional Washers

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Traditional Washers


Sometimes keeping things traditional is the most opportune. Take for example Sears Outlet's collection of traditional washing machines. Choose from a number of classic designs, that combine high-efficiency cleaning with a number of practical features. Features in the collection include triple action functionality with powerful jet sprays, activewash prewashing stain removal, vibration reduction technology, integrated control panels, and much more.

Sears Outlet also offers a range of traditional washers so you can find the best traditional washing machine for your home. Explore traditional top load washers, traditional washers with turbowash, and options with integrated control panels. Choose from both black and white color options, and discover traditional washing machines from top brands in the industry. With traditional washers, you can keep things classic while getting a top quality washing experience.

At Sears Outlet, you can also read from customer reviews and learn what users thought about the products themselves. Find numerous traditional washers on sale and save big on your purchase too. When you're done, discover some of the many other great collections at Sears Outlet, including Kenmore stacking kits, 3 burner grills, and recessed handle refrigerators!

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