Stainless Steel Gas Stove

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  • Quick Boil Burner – get meals to the table faster with our 16,000 BTU burner.
  • Move heavy pots & pans without lifting with continuous corner-to-corner grates.
  • Oval Center Burner – evenly heat and cook on griddles with the 10,000 BTU oval burner.
  • 5 Sealed Gas Burners – enjoy easier cleanup and a burner that stays looking great.
  • With the Store-More™ Storage Drawer, you will have extra space to store your cookware.
  • The Low Simmer Burner (5,000 BTU) is perfect for cooking delicate foods and sauces.
  • Even Baking Technology ensures that food comes out evenly.
  • Electronic Kitchen Timer times up to 12 hours.

Cook a Feast

  • 5.0 cu. ft. oven capacity allows you the space to cook more dishes at once
  • Edge-to-edge cooktop gives you extra room for pots and pans of all sizes and lets cookware move easily from burner to burner

Cooking Power

  • 15,000 BTU Power Boil burner delivers high heat for fast boiling
  • Precise Simmer burner ensures that delicate foods don’t burn with low, even heat
  • Large, oval fifth burner is ideal for griddle cooking
  • Extra-large integrated non-stick griddle boasts enough space for you to cook up to 6 sandwiches at once

Easy Clean-Up

  • Save time and effort by steam-cleaning the oven after cooking, no special water, kits or extra steps required
  • Heavy-duty, dishwasher-safe grates easily and safely come clean in the dishwasher
  • Sealed cooktop burners contain spills and make cleaning quick and easy

Multiple burner options provide precise control at all temperatures, so you can prepare food while using the right amount of energy with the right burner. The SpillSaver Upswept Cooktop means that cleaning up is easier than ever. The raised edges and smooth surface of this cooktop help keep spills and splashes contained. With Easy Touch Electronic Controls set bake or broil temperatures with just a touch. Plus, a clock and oven timer make it easy to count down to dinner time. Control lockout prevents unintended use as well.

    More Cooktop Power
    This 5-burner Whirlpool gas range packs some serious flame power. SpeedHeat Power burners get huge pots of water boiling faster and skillets up to temp quicker using up to 15,000 BTUs; no more waiting around. The 8,000 BTU middle burner gives you extra cooking space while the AccuSimmer burner is perfect for simmering and warming soups, sauces and butter.

    Easy to Cook with, Easy to Clean
    Continuous cast iron grates make it easier to multitask on this gas range; sauté, flambé and move pots around with ease. Made a mess while cooking? The SpillGuard cooktop contains spills and messes for easier clean-up. Toss the porcelain-coated grates right into the dishwasher for less mess and less fuss.

    Versatile Baking and Broiling
    Bake up tasty cakes, roast delicious turkeys and warm-up comforting casseroles with ease in the 5.1 cu. ft. oven. The lower broiler lets you set preferred temperatures from 300 to 525 degrees for customized broiling, searing and melting.

    A Wide Range of Heat Output

    A 13,000 BTU burner delivers the range of heat output ideal for most cooking requirements. Sauces, soups and other foods are cooked to perfection with just the right amount of heat.        

    Keep an Eye on Every Dish

    Easily monitor every meal as you multi-task. A large, clear window lets you easily check on foods as you set the table, so you can ensure delicious results every time.

    Cook Foods Just Right

    The Precise Simmer burner is ideal for delicate foods. Poached eggs and fried zucchini flowers won’t burn with this low, even heat.

    Wipe Away the Mess

    Sealed cooktop burners contain spills, while gloss steel grates makes wiping away messes super easy. A quick wipe-down is all you need before heading back to enjoying your meal.

    Cook Evenly with Gas Convection

    Every meal and dish can come out of the oven just the way you like it. This oven evenly bakes a wide variety of foods, from roasts to cookies, using a fan to circulate heated air.

    Large, Cooking Surfaces

    The edge-to-edge cooktop gives you plenty of room for cookware of all sizes and lets pots and pans move easily from burner to burner. An extra-large, integrated, non-stick griddle provides enough space to make up to 6 grilled cheeses at once.

    Powerful Burners

    A large, oval 10,000 BTU burner is great for a griddle or other odd-sized cookware. 2-15,000 BTU power boil burners boil water fast.

    Modern Conveniences

    Heavy-duty, grates are easy to clean. They can be placed in the dishwasher or in the bottom of the self-clean oven. A smooth-glide drawer provides instant access to extra storage. This oven cleans itself with a steam clean option.

      • Continuous, cast-iron grates cover nearly the whole cooktop surface and allow you to slide heavy pots and pans to optimal locations
      • Satin-finish grates are dishwasher safe and durable enough to resist wear and tear
      • Large oven window provides a clear view of the oven interior so you can monitor cooking progress without opening the door
      • An optional griddle can be added for convenience to provide a dedicated place to grill vegetables or cook pancakes
      • Adjustable oven racks can be moved to different positions to accommodate almost any size of cookware

      • 30
      • 5.0 cu.ft.
      • 5 Burners
      • SpeedHeat
      • Frozen Bake
      • Spillguard

        Superior Heat

        • 13,000 BTU burner delivers a wide range of heat output ideal for most cooking requirements
        • Precise Simmer burner ensures that delicate foods don’t burn with low, even heat
        • With in-oven broil, healthy meals are hassle-free

        Cooking Versatility

        • 4 burners accommodate pots and pans of all sizes
        • 5 cu. ft. oven capacity allows you to cook more dishes at once

        Easy Cleaning

        • Black matte steel grates boast a high-end look with a durable, matte coating
        • Self-clean oven cleans the oven cavity without the need for scrubbing
        • Sealed cooktop burners contain spills and make cleaning quick and easy

        Fit Your Favorites
        The Maytag MGR6600FZ Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel 5.0 cu. ft. 30 Gas Freestanding Range is designed to fit all your favorites with a large 5.0 cu. ft. capacity. Plus, with an 8,000-BTU oval burner, you can even fit those oversized pots and pans on the cooktop.

        Power Meets Efficiency
        The Power™ Burner allows for a slow, even heat for a saute or the intense heat needed to sear a steak. The Precision Cooking™ system uses sensor heating to help ensure each meal is cooked evenly.

        Better Built

        This model features cast-iron grates, heavy-duty door hinges and premium ball-bearing drawer glides to keep your range around longer. Plus, sealed surface burners help prevent leaks, making cleaning faster and easier.

          Hot Stuff

          • 18,000 BTU Power Boil burner boils water fast with intense heat
          • Large continuous cooking surface with extra room lets cookware move easily from burner to burner 
          • Precise Simmer burner generates low, even heat to ensure delicate foods don’t burn
          • Industrys largest integrated non-stick griddle

          Beautiful Baking

          • 5.0 cu. ft. oven capacity lets you cook more dishes at once
          • Gas convection feature circulates heat for high-quality results 

          Easy Cleaning

          • Self-cleaning oven with light steam clean option thats chemical free and odor free 
          • Heavy-cast, dishwasher safe grates clean easily and safely in the dishwasher

            Cook More at Once

            • A 5.0 cu. ft. single oven is perfect for potluck prep or regular weeknight meals
            • Easy-to-clean oven racks can be adjusted to the size of dishes for cooking versatility

            Seamless by Design

            • A slide-in design fits perfectly into your existing 30 freestanding space
            • Front touch and knob controls are user friendly

            Cooked to Perfection

            • The 18,000-BTU Turbo Boil burner provides express heating power so liquids boil in less time
            • 3 additional burners put out heats between 5,000 BTU and 15,000 BTUs to handle a variety of cooking tasks

            Convenience is Key

            • Bottom storage drawer keeps your extra cookware
            • Self-clean function makes quick work of even the toughest baked on messes and stains

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