Samsung 26 Cu Ft Refrigerator

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An Inclusive Interior

  • Spacious 26 cu. ft. ultra-high capacity can handle groceries, food staples, snacks and leftovers
  • Adjustable spill-resistant shelves can fit assorted sizes of groceries with ease
  • Automatic pullout freezer drawer slides out for easy access to store your commonly used frozen foods

Keeping It Fresh

  • Twin Cooling Plus™ technology maintains high levels of humidity to maintain freshness and prevent freezer burn
  • CoolSelect Pantry™ provides optimal temperature control for storing and defrosting food
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool functions quickly freeze or chill your food or drinks with the push of a button

Other Bright Ideas

  • Space-saving Ice Master ice maker produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day and stores up to 4.2 lbs of ice
  • High-efficiency LED lighting design allows you to quickly spot what you want
  • EZ Open™ handle design lifts up and lets the freezer drawer glide in and out effortlessly
  • External ice blue digital display allows you to easily control settings at the touch of a button
  • A tall, wide ice and water dispenser allows easy filling of pitchers and water bottles
  • Alarm alerts you if the door is left open too long
  • This item is ENERGY STAR® certified, helping you cut down on energy waste and costs

    Sleek Storage

    • 26 cu. ft. of storage provides ample space
    • 2 humidity-controlled crispers help keep your fruits and vegetables organized and accessible
    • Tempered glass spill-proof shelves make cleaning leaks and spills easier than ever
    • Gallon door bins in the refrigerator give you more shelf space
    • Large 2-divider bins and a drawer divider in the freezer make sure it easy to take stock of your frozen foods

    Modern Marvels

    • Twin Cooling Plus feature maintains both high levels of refrigerator humidity to keep produce fresh longer, and dry freezer conditions to prevent freezer burn in frozen foods
    • CoolSelect Pantry provides optimal temperature control for your food storage needs with Deli, Fresh and chilled options
    • Power Freezer and Power Cool give you easy access to filtered water and cubed or crushed ice
    • Maintains higher humidity to keep fruits and vegetables crisp
    • LED tower lighting brightens every corner with a vertical design
    • EZ-Open handle for easy opening and closing
    • CoolTight self-closing door in the refrigerator prevents spoilage and conserves energy
    • ENERGY STAR certified to save energy with reduced heat and energy output

      Spectacular Space

      • 26 cu. ft. design lends ample space for groceries for your entire family
      • 2 humidity controlled crisper drawers lend freshness and storage
      • Tempered glass spill-proof shelves ease organization
      • 6 large door bins free up shelf space for convenience
      • Tiered drawer freezer is deep for ultra-easy storage of your favorite frozen foods

      Features to Love

      • High-efficiency LED lighting illuminates the interior
      • ENERGY STAR rated design saves you money on utility bills
      • Alarm alerts when the door is left open

      Beyond Fresh

      • Twin Cooling Plus helps keep produce fresher for longer with near commercial-grade humidity levels
      • Internal filtered water dispenser and filtered ice maker deliver fresh drinks, every time
      • Cool Select Pantry with temperature control makes freshness a priority and easy to achieve
      • Power Freeze and Power Cool options give you the freshness control

      Feeds a Crowd

      • Large 26 cu. ft. storage capacity can store up to 26 bags of groceries
      • 4 adjustable tempered glass shelves let you customize refrigerator space
      • 2 clear crisper drawers for storing and organizing fresh produce
      • Full-width storage accommodates pizzas, cakes and oversized items
      • Gallon door bins keep milk, juice and bottles out of the way

      Less Work, Less Waste

      • Spill-proof refrigerator shelves keep messes contained for easy cleanup
      • This item is ENERGY STAR certified, helping you cut down on energy waste and costs

      Freshness First

      • Twin Cooling Plus® system regulates fridge and freezer environments independently
      • Cool Select Pantry™ drawer features separate temperature control setting
      • Power Freeze and Power Cool options for chilling or freezing foods quickly
      • Humidity-controlled crispers for extending produce freshness

      Easy Access

      • Filtered ice maker is neatly built in to the freezer
      • Internal filtered water dispenser maintains a sleek-looking exterior
      • High-efficiency LED lighting keeps everything inside more visible

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