Kenmore Elite Washer Pedestal

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Kenmore Elite Washer Pedestal

Give your washer or dryer a boost with a Kenmore Elite pedestal from Sears Outlet stores. Combining both style and practicality, Kenmore Elite washer pedestals elevate your laundry machines to give you easier and elevated laundry access and make doing your laundry more convenient. Models at Sears Outlet even come with features like built-in storage drawers for your laundry supplies, adjustable height options, and easy installation designs.

The Kenmore Elite washer and dryer pedestals at Sears Outlet come in a range of designs and styles as well. Choose from white, black, metallic, and even red colors, and find a design to spruce up your home. With Kenmore Elite washer platforms, you get functionality and style.

Many of the Kenmore Elite laundry platforms are also on sale at discounted prices. With Kenmore Elite pedestals from new, used and refurbished options, you can find a price that works for you. Sears Outlet is also home to many home appliance selections. Discover collections of 24-inch built-in ovens, black stainless dishwashers, stainless steel freezer refrigerators, and much more!

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