Kenmore Black Dishwasher

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Kenmore 14509 24" Built-In Dishwasher with Heated Dry ...

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Get your dishes to the table fast.

The Accela Wash® cycle gives you clean dishes right when you need them most.  The Heated Dry option features a heating element in the bottom of the dishwasher helping to remove moisture for drier dishes at the end of the cycle.  Plus, this Kenmore built-in dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® qualified, so you save money and energy as you clean.

Kenmore 13099 24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ PowerWave Spr...

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Serious Cycles

  • 1 hour wash cycles provides a quick and convenient clean
  • Sanitize option eliminates 99.9 percent of food soil bacteria
  • Heated dry option delivers dry, sparkling dishes
  • Ultra Wash HE System provides an effortless clean

Dependable Details

  • PowerWave Spray Arm sprays from all angles with sequential jets that sweep dishes from all sides for 80 percent more coverage
  • Operating at just 53 dBA, this dishwasher provides a quiet run for less disturbance in your home
  • Time Remaining Display provides cycle status information for convenience
  • Fully integrated console with hidden controls create a sleek and modern appearance

Kenmore 14659 18" Portable Dishwasher - Black

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  • By reducing water temperatures, shortening the cycle and eliminating end of cycle drying, the Eco Cycle cleans dishes and saves valuable resources with every wash.
  • The China Gentle cycle washes your finest crystal and most  delicate plates with a gentle touch, so you dont have to worry or wash them by hand when its time to clean up.
  • With Delay Start, you can load the dishwasher, select the right cycle and delay the wash until youre ready.
  • Built to resist stains, shrug-off corrosion and increase heat retention for improved drying performance, the stainless steel tub delivers service that shines.
  • Deluxe nylon-coated dish racks dont scratch or scrape delicate stemware or china, and theyll stand up to years of use and support the heaviest pots and pans.
  • QuietGuard technology ensures the dishwasher runs without producing a noticeable amount of noise, so you can get a deep clean while carrying on a conversation.

Kenmore 13387 Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher with 360...

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Smart Technology Makes Life Easier
Remote start your dishwasher and see how much time is remaining with the Kenmore® Smart app, and Kenmore Smart Skill works with Amazon Alexa.

Power Cleans Every Nook and Cranny
The 360° PowerWash X Wash System features 4 spray arms so there’s nowhere for dirty dishes to hide.

So Quiet, Yet So Clean
At 46dB, this dishwasher quietly runs in the background so it wont interfere with TV or sleeping.

Smooth Rack Operation
Smooth Glide Upper Rack features a glide rail to help it slide out easily.

Stainless Steel Tub
Stainless Steel interior tub is durable, resists stains, and helps improve drying performance.

The Right Cycle Every Time
SmartWash uses only the amount of energy and water the cycle needs to get your dishes nice and clean.

Sleek & Convenient Controls
Smooth & Light Touch Electronic control panel is hidden on the top of the door to operate with a light touch.

Adjustable Racks Handle Virtually Any Load
Adjustable Rack System easily adjusts to just about any load of dishes.

Keep Your Clean Dishes Dry
Condensation Guard option runs the ventilation fan periodically to help keep clean dishes dry.

Plates and Bowls Stay Put
Deluxe Tines keep plates and shallow bowls upright to get all of your dishes clean.

Accommodates Smaller Loads
Half Rack can be used for smaller loads to wash items only in the lower or only in the upper rack.

Wash Different Loads at the Same Time
Mixed Load Technology varies the water intensity on the upper and lower rack to optimize cleaning.

Gentle, Thorough Drying
Hybrid Condensing Drying System is gentle on dishes, including plastic and wooden utensils.

Stylish and Easy to Care For
Black Stainless looks great and stands up to everyday challenges like fingerprints and smudges.

Save Energy while You Clean
ENERGY STAR® Certified, so youll save water, energy and money as you clean.

Dishes So Clean, You Can Eat Off Them
NSF-certified* Sani Rinse eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, for seriously clean dishes & peace of mind.

1 Hour Express Wash
Accela Wash cycle cleans your dishes in 60 minutes using slightly more water and energy, towel dry dishes for immediate use.

*Certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 184 for residential dishwashers.

Kenmore 14529 24" Built-In Dishwasher - Black

$500.49 Originally:$909.99 (List Price)
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Smart Cleaning

  • PowerWave Spray Arm is designed with jets that spray water in every direction for more coverage and better cleaning results
  • SmartWash HE Cycle senses how big or small the load is and adjusts the water, temperature and pressure needed to clean your dishes
  • 1-hour wash option gets dishes done right in a hurry

Double the Drying Power

  • TurboHeat Dry uses a heating element and fan to draw moisture and warm air out of your dishwasher to help dry your dishes faster

No Rinsing Required

  • TurboZone Rotating Spray Jets blast away crumbs, sauces and baked-on messes

Multiple Cleaning Capabilities

  • From fine bone china and everyday dishes to trays and tall stemware, this built-in dishwasher provides multiple cleaning cycles on its easy-to-read front panel display

Customize Your Washing Space

  • The adjustable top rack is handy when you have platters and pitchers to clean after hosting dinner parties

Kenmore 14579 24" Built-In Dishwasher with Third Rack ...

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Designed for a Powerful Clean

  • PowerWave™ Spray Arm delivers 80% more water coverage to sweep dirty dishes clean from 2 sides
  • SmartWash® HE cycle analyzes the load with sensor technology to deliver optimal cleaning using less energy & water
  • Removable third rack provides an additional loading area to create room for large utensils, such as cooking spoons, spatulas & chefs knives
  • NSF® Certified Sanitize Rinse option eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, so you can feel good about protecting your family

Innovative Convenience

  • 1-Hour Wash Cycle gives you clean dishes right when you need them most
  • Time Remaining Display helps you stay on top of cycle status
  • Operating at a low noise level of 48 dBA, so it won’t disrupt conversation

Kenmore 13229 24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ Power Wave™ S...

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Fits All of the Dishes

This Kenmore dishwasher can handle up to 12 full place settings, so you can pack in all of the after-dinner dishes, even dessert bowls and large casserole dishes.

Gets Dishes Clean, Clean, Clean

Use the Sanitize Cycle to knock-out 99.9% of food bacteria from your dishes for a serious clean. The PowerWave Spray Arm tackles dishes from 2 sides, giving dishes 80% more cleaning coverage so you won’t have to toss plates and baking pans back in the wash for a second go-round.

Put Away Dry Dishes

This dishwasher has a Heated Dry option that uses an interior heater to dry dishes after a wash cycle so you won’t have to. No more pouring out cups or bowls of water while putting things away.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

This Kenmore dishwasher runs at a hushed 50 dBA, quiet enough to have a conversation or run during movie night. Toss in dishes morning, noon and night without disturbing the family.

Sleek and Simple Stainless Steel

The stainless steel tub is easier to clean, reduces wash cycle noise and can tolerate higher hot water temperatures, meaning cleaner dishes with less hassle and a sleeker interior look.

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