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Stay in Touch with Your Fridge’s Status

Control your Kenmore Smart refrigerator from anywhere with Alexa. Through the app or with voice commands, you can Activate Accela Ice™ and Max Air Filter, adjust & monitor the temperature, monitor filter life & door open/close status, plus get alerts with any needs. Built-in diagnostics help prevent unnecessary service by making maintenance easier.

Big Enough for What Matters

This refrigerator is designed to fit all your fresh and frozen favorites. Features like the exclusive 2 SlideAway shelves and the compact water filter help create additional refrigerator space.

Stay Cool, Stay Fresh

GeniusCool™ technology features a linear compressor and dual evaporators to produce separate cooling environments, creating ideal temperatures and humidity levels in both the refrigerator and freezer. Multi air flow technology provides even cooling by circulating cold air into every corner; even beverages in the door stay cold. The CleanFlow™ Air Filter circulates air through a charcoal filter to remove odors, keeping the interior smelling fresh. The innovative air tight crisper with moisture lock retains fruit and vegetable freshness longer when compared to a standard crisper bin.

Added Convenience

Simple select dispenser features a sleek, uncluttered look with easy-to-use icons for water, ice and crushed ice, with a spacious design that allows you to fill large pitchers, coffee pots and water bottles with ease. The Accela Ice™ feature allows you to produce ice faster for last-minute gatherings. Recessed LED interior lighting creates a bright, modern interior, making it easy to see what youre looking for.

GEs HE Sensor Dry technology and My Cycle Settings ensure that your clothes will be dried properly. The HE Sensor Dry detects the moisture in the drum and adjusts the drying time accordingly. My Cycle Settings give you the ability to customize the dryer settings and store it as a preset for future use. Enjoy the ultimate in convenience and the latest in technology with the ability to monitor and control your laundry from anywhere and receive real-time notifications and updates.

Fantastic Functions

  • SmartThinQ™ Wi-Fi Enabled technology with Smart Access and Smart Adapt allow you to monitor your dishwasher remotely and download new cycles
  • SmartDiagnosis™ allows you to troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently
  • QuadWash™ system features 4 multi-motion spray arms that rotate while spinning for maximum cleaning
  • Dual Zone technology varies the water intensity in the upper and lower racks
  • Advanced 3-stage filtration system is tough on dirty dishes, while offering quiet, efficient operation
  • Dual Control™ cycle lets you vary the spray intensity in the upper and lower racks during the same load
  • Auto Cycle function automatically senses the level of dirt on your dishes and sets the wash cycle for optimal cleaning
  • Hybrid Condensing Drying System gives you dry dishes right out of the dishwasher

Fabulous Form

  • The spacious 24 stainless steel interior provides ample space to fit up to 15 place settings
  • Concealed controls with an LED display are integrated into the door for ease of use
  • Fingerprint and smudge-resistant stainless steel finish wipes clean easily with a soft, dry cloth
  • LoDecibel™ operation with a DirectDrive™ motor (44dB) makes it among the quietest dishwashers in its class
  • EasyRack™ Plus racking system allows you to change the height of the upper rack with one touch
  • Upper rack glide rail allows heavy dish loads to slide in and out smoothly

  • Easy-to-clean, Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel finish keeps your fridge looking as good on the outside as it works on the inside.
  • Somewhere between the grocery store and home cold food becomes not so cold- that’s where Maytag® comes in. The PowerCold® feature gets everything in your refrigerator back to nice and cold, nice and quick.
  • The Store-N-Door® ice dispensing system frees up shelf space in your refrigerator for more of your favorites.
  • BrightSeries™ LED lighting casts a bright, white light and uses less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • Gallon door bins are strong enough to hold bottles, jugs and containers right in your refrigerator door.
  • Reduces the most contaminants and freshly filters hard, soft, warm and cold water, everywhere you are.
  • Humidity-controlled crispers help keep foods fresh with just the right humidity.
  • Our stainless steel handles feature show-stopping durability and are made of heavy-duty material thats tough enough to last in any kitchen.

  • Perfect Steam™ Dryer - The latest technology removes wrinkles and freshens clothes. Can be used with select cycles
  • Electrolux dryers features the Industrys First TRUE 4-Way Kitless venting (Rear, Left, Right, Bottom) on both Electric or Gas Dryers. You will save space in your laundry room because the depth to attach the venting is only 31.5 in. deep. The Kitless design eliminates punch-outs in the side of the dryer
  • Dont be afraid to put items in the dryer with Electroluxs Gentle Tumble™ drying system. True 3 levels of heat and 3 vane design separates clothes better. Gentle temperatures will help your clothes to last longer, saving you money
  • Help save the environment by using less energy to dry your clothes. The Luxury-Dry™ Drying System effectively moves 200 CFMs of air through your clothes for fast and efficient drying
  • Use less effort doing laundry with the Industrys Largest Dryer featuring 8.0 cu. ft. I.E.C. capacity. Dry more in one load with the largest capacity available. Spend more time living and less time doing laundry
  • How would you like to get your other family members involved in doing the laundry? With Electroluxs My Cycle™, you can pre-program a cycle as a favorite so the temperature, dryness level and other setting are saved and ready at the touch of a button
  • Platinum Star® limited warranty includes a 3-year coverage on parts and one year on labor without charge (Eligibility based on product registration with Electrolux North America within 60 days of purchase. Products must have been purchased on or after July 1, 2013. Coverage includes material parts for 3 years and labor for 1 year)

Quiet operation at only 49 dBAs. Tall-tub design with large capacity dishwasher fits up to 12 place settings so you can wash even more at once. ENERGY STAR qualified, and Energy Saver Wash and Dry Options keep your energy bill low. Premium stainless steel interior for maximum durability. BladeSpray Arm gives you better water coverage for a thorough clean every time. Clean even your largest dishes and cookie sheets with an adjustable upper rack level to fit over sized dishes and kitchen tools. Dishes come out remarkably dry every time with EvenDry technology. 5 wash cycles including heavy, normal, china/crystal, energy saver, rinse only. Additional options available such as heat, no heat dry, and hi-temp wash

Store It All

  • Ultra-large 26.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • Slim SpacePlus® system provides plentiful shelf space and allows extra space for door bins 
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers and full-width Glide N’ Serve® drawer
  • Keep items easily accessible with the 2-Tier Organization™ freezer system

Technologically Advanced

  • SmartThinQ™ Wi-Fi-enabled technology controls key refrigeration features remotely through your smartphone
  • Troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosis™
  • In-door dual ice makers produce large amounts of ice so you never run out
  • Sleek 12.6 Tall Ice & Water Dispenser® with a pharmaceutical water filter to reduce contaminants
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

Extends Food Freshness 

  • The Smart Cooling® System is designed to monitor and maintain temperature conditions to keep food fresh 
  • 3-layer Fresh Air Filter with a dedicated fan that pushes cleaner, fresher air into the fridge

Extra-Large Capacity
  • With 7.3 cubic feet of capacity, this dryer handles really large loads to save you time and energy

Better Drying Power
  • Sensor Dry system measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time
  • Intuitive Dial-A-Cycle controls and easy-to-read Dual LED Display indicators help you find the right setting every time
  • Wrinkle Care Option reduces creases
Reliable Operating Convenience
  • FlowSense™ Duct Clogging Indicator indicates when its time to clean the ducts
  • LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation because there’s no need for laundry to be noisy
  • SmartDiagnosis™ feature helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone, or with a simple app on your smart phone

Four split glass shelves are fully adjustable. Two humidity-controlled crisper drawers provide the ideal climate conditions for your fresh produce, and a full-width slide-out drawer with adjustable temperature, Keurig K-Cup system and twinChill cooling system keeps separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to keep foods fresh, and the interior is elegantly illuminated by showcase LED lighting. Special Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings.

Powerful Clean

  • Advanced wash system features over 140 cleaning jets for complete washing coverage
  • Quad blade wash arm features 25 spray jets so water hits items from every angle
  • Side jets cascade water for a deep clean
  • Bottle jets shower water deep inside tall items
  • Deep clean silverware jets target cutlery for a deep clean
  • Hidden vent and fan ensure dishes dry quickly

Daring Details

  • User friendly top controls and an LCD display enhance your modern kitchen
  • Adjustable smooth-glide upper rack with 2 stem safe shelves easily accommodates tall items
  • Built-in design fits seamlessly into your space

  • The Extra Power button boosts drying power on any cycle by extending time, heat and tumbling. One push helps prevent under drying by getting thick fabrics, pockets and seams drier the first time, Results may vary based on load size and type
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing monitors inside moisture and air temperatures to help evenly dry loads
  • Dry a small load fast with the Quick Dry cycle, which pairs nicely with the Quick Wash cycle on select Maytag washers to get clothes ready in no time
  • The Wrinkle Prevent option runs for up to 150 minutes after the cycle has ended to help keep wrinkles from forming as the dryer continues to tumble
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified

Sized for More
  • Store-More removable third rack offers easy loading and unloading access
  • SpaceWise Adjustable Rack adjusts to fit oversized dishes and kitchen tools of all shapes and sizes
  • Clean up to 14 place settings in one cycle

Better Cleaning Power
  • OrbitClean Wash System uses four times more water coverage for a complete clean
  • 30-minute clean option means you wont wait long for clean dishes
  • Dishes come out remarkably dry every time with EvenDry
  • DishSense Technology automatically adjusts the cycle time based on the level of clean that your dishes need
Stylish and Practical
  • Smudge-proof finish with an easy-to-clean fingerprint-resistant surface
  • Cleans a full load of dishes using 15% less water
  • 24-hour delay start runs on your schedule
  • LED Floor Beam Indicator beams a green light alerting you that your dishes are mealtime-ready
  • Enjoy a quiet clean with a noise insulation system that keeps dishwasher noise to 49db
  • ENERGY STAR® certified to maximize your energy savings

Freshen Up Clothes

  • Steam Sanitize+ helps remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria, over 95% of pollen and 100% of dust mites
  • Multi-Steam function infuses your laundry with steam, removing odors, static and wrinkles
  • Sensor Dry automatically optimizes the time and temperature of your drying cycle to protect your clothes from heat damage and avoid excess energy use
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Bixby enabled, so you can monitor every load from your smartphone

Laundry Done Right

  • Large 7.5 cu. ft. capacity means you can dry more items in a single load
  • 12 preset drying cycles to best suit your drying needs
  • 10 additional drying options to enhance your drying cycle, providing optimal care for all fabric types
  • Five temperature levels to dry your clothes gently and thoroughly
  • Wrinkle Prevent tumbles your laundry even after the cycle is complete to prevent wrinkles

Designed for Convenience

  • Vent Sensor continuously monitors the condition of the air duct and notifies you of any lint buildup
  • Lint Filter Indicator provides a helpful reminder when its time to clean the filter
  • Interior drum light helps you easily find smaller laundry items that are hard to spot
  • ENERGY STAR® certified to help you save on energy
  • Reversible dryer door to better suit your homes layout
  • Flexible venting options allow your dryer to be vented on multiple sides

  • The Flexi-Slide™ bin quickly moves side-to-side for convenient storage options, so you can make space for items when you need it
  • Store more items on each shelf with wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves, which offer greater storage ability
  • LED interior lighting is longer-lasting and uses less energy than incandescent lighting
  • Easily install an icemaker in 5 minutes or less with the optional EZ Connect icemaker kit, so you wont have to fill up your ice tray again
  • The Humidity Controlled Crispers provide just the right area for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher longer

Sensor Cycle:
  • Automatically selects the right wash and dry settings for your load by using two separate sensors to measure temperature, soil level and load size once during the prewash and once during the wash cycle.
Fan Dry:
  • Get cabinet-dry dishes straight from the dishwasher with a fan to push out moist air while helping pull in fresh, dry air.
1-Hour Wash Cycle Full Benefit Copy with Disclaimer:
  • Cleans dishes in half the time so your plates, pans and glasses are thoroughly cleaned up and taken care of in just an hour. (Compared to Normal cycle with lightly soiled loads.)
Cycle Memory:
  • Quickly start your dishwasher with one button. It automatically remembers the last cycle you picked so its stored and ready to go.
No One Has Fewer Repairs 20 Years in a Row Full Benefit Copy with Disclaimer:
  • For over 20 years in a row, no other brand has had fewer dishwasher repairs, so you can rest assured it will continue to function the way your family needs it to. (According to a leading consumer magazine; Whirlpool® dishwashers.) 
Soil Sensor:
  • Determines how dirty dishes are and adjusts the Normal cycle as needed to make sure dishes come out clean. 
Adjustable Upper Rack:
  • Manually raise or lower the upper rack two inches to better fit tall items. 
Sani Rinse Option:
  • Sanitizes dishes by eliminating 99.99% of food and bacteria. 
  • Hide fingerprints and smudges with steel that easily wipes clean. Available in Black Stainless and Stainless Steel colors. 
Stain-Hiding Dark Grey Tub Normal Cycle:
  • Use for normal amounts of food soil to clean up leftover messes from your day-to-day meals. 
Heavy Cycle:
  • Take care of heavily-soiled messes and other hard-to-clean dishes without the extra elbow grease by adding extra time to the cycle. 
High Temperature Wash Option:
  • Gives items like baby bottles, glassware or dishes a more thorough clean. Heated Dry Option: Use a clean, dry dish straight from the dishwasher thanks to added heat for drying. For optimal drying results, use this option with rinse aid. 
Cycle Status Indicator:
  • The full lit display glows for wash, drain, drying, sanitized and clean along with the time in hours and minutes so theres no need to guess when your dishes will be ready. 
ENERGY STAR® Certified:
  • ENERGY STAR® certified models exceed government standards to help save money on your utility bills. Industrys Best Selling Dishwasher Brand Designed, Engineered and with American Pride

Clean your dishes with a dishwasher your family can count on. With removable third rack and Fold-Down Tines, youll be able to make room for all your dishware with ease. The NSF® Certified Sanitize option ensures a complete clean, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and enhancing your drying results as well. Stainless steel interior retains heat from wash and rinse cycles, and cools faster than the dishes so moisture condensates on the walls and not on the dishes. EnergyStar Certification means this model exceeds government standards for energy savings.

fully-integrated dishwasher from Frigidaire uses EvenDry™ technology to deliver an phenomenal drying performance with every load. With OrbitClean®, the spray arm provides 4 times more water coverage than a traditional spray arm found in other dishwashers. Their PrecisionPro Wash Zones™ clean those hard-to-reach spots for a guaranteed deep clean. Experience the ultimate flexibility of the SpacePro® Organization System. The third rack offers easy access and fits small cooking utensils

The Power of Steam

  • Give favorite clothes new life in just 10 minutes with TurboSteam™ technology
  • SteamFresh™ Cycle refreshes and reduces wrinkles in up to 5 garments at a time with a 20-minute cycle
  • SteamSanitary™ Cycle safely sanitizes items marked as non-washable like throw pillows or children’s toys

Great Care for Your Clothes

  • With 7.3 cubic feet of capacity, this dryer handles really large loads
  • Dual-opening options of the EasyLoad™ door makes loading and unloading easier than ever
  • Sensor Dry system measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time
  • ReduceStatic™ option virtually eliminates static cling
  • EasyIron™ option lightly moistens clothes to make ironing easier and more efficient

Premium Essentials

  • Troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosis™
  • 3-Minute Smart Installation Check ensures that the dryer has been installed and is working properly
  • NeveRust™ stainless steel drum is built to last
  • Electronic control panel with a 7 TFT screen and touch-control buttons allow you to set and go
  • FlowSense™ Duct Clogging Indicator lets you know when its time to clean the ducts out to ensure great drying every time
  • LoDecibel™ motor operates at a quiet noise level

  • Get It All Done In Less Time. Ultra large 7.4 cu. ft. capacity means you have even more room to do laundry in fewer loads.
  • Go ahead, wear it again—in just 10 minutes, TurboSteam™ technology reduces wrinkles and odors in up to 5 garments when you don’t have time to wash. Also refreshes children’s toys, decorative pillows and more.
  • Built-in intelligence takes out the guesswork - AI Fabric Sensor technology selects optimal dry motions and settings. Washer can auto-select a compatible drying cycle with Smart Pairing™.
  • Use the ThinQ® app to start the dryer, extend cycle time to avoid wrinkles and receive an alert when clothes are dry. Go hands-free—select dryer features work with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Proactive Customer Care sends maintenance tips & alerts.
  • LG front load washers and dryers are the first to use tempered glass doors for a sleek, stylish look that resists shock and scratches.
  • With the FlowSense™ Duct Clogging and Clean Filter Indicators, youll know when its time to clean the ducts and the lint filter out to ensure great drying every time, lower utility bills and fewer service calls.
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified - high efficiency sensor drying and low-heat settings save energy and money by using about 20% less energy than conventional models without sacrificing features or performance.
  • LG closet-depth washers and dryers are worth showing off, but when space dictates otherwise it’s good to know they’ll easily fit in a closet with plenty of room to close the closet door. Install the pair side-by-side, or get a stacking kit and install the dryer over the washer to save even more space.
  • The Aluminized Alloy Steel Drum has toughness and an attractive finish that will last for years.
  • LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation - dryer is designed for quiet operation, from the motor to the cabinet to individual components. Pleasant end-of-cycle chime lets you know when clothes are dry.
  • Dryer door can easily be reversed from a right swing to a left swing in minutes to give you more installation options.
  • Select the Wrinkle Care option before hitting start and the dryer will periodically tumble the load for up to 3 hours after the cycle is done or until the door is opened to help keep wrinkles at bay.

Flexible Drying

  • 7.5 cu. ft. capacity fits lots of laundry at a time
  • Two individually controlled dryers in the same unit lets you dry delicates and everyday garments simultaneously
  • Small top dryer allows for delicates, sweaters and accessories to lay flat, helping prevent shrinking and fabric damage

Ready to Wear

  • Multi-Steam Technology help steam away wrinkles, odors, bacteria and static
  • Sensor Dry with moisture sensors optimizes the time and temperature to dry clothes thoroughly

Easy and Efficient

  • You can remotely monitor remaining cycle time, receive alerts when the cycle is complete and schedule cycles from anywhere using your smartphone
  • Eco Dry option uses up to 25% less energy for every load
  • With Smart Care, you can troubleshoot straight from your smartphone with an immediate diagnosis and quick solutions

  • Resists fingerprints and smudges with steel that easily wipes clean
  • Get an extra full shelf in the refrigerator with an ice bin thats been moved to the door
  • Store more than twice the ice with a secondary icemaker in the freezer so you always have plenty on hand
  • Access fresh filtered water and ice without ever opening the refrigerator door
  • Store fruits and vegetables in their ideal environment
  • Easily store frozen pizzas upright without the hassle of trying to fit them on flat freezer shelves
  • Move these adjustable bins anywhere in the door for increased loading flexibility when and where you need it
  • Easily organize frozen favorites with two tiers of storage
  • Simplify cleanup with shelves that help contain spills and prevent liquids from leaking below
  • ENERGY STAR certified models exceed government standards to help save money on your utility bills

  • Give favorite clothes new life in just 10 minutes* with LG TurboSteam™ technology. Also helps refresh fabrics and reduce wrinkles in half the time of other steam settings.
  • The LG EasyLoad™ door makes loading and unloading the dryer easier than ever. Press the release button and pull the door down, hamper style or swing the door to the side. Even challenging laundry-room layouts are no match for versatility like this.
  • Stay ahead of the cycle and access key LG dryer features remotely with SmartThinQ™ technology.
  • With 7.3 cubic feet of capacity, this dryer handles really large loads, saving you time and energy.
  • Sensor Dry system measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time.
  • With the FlowSense™ Duct Clogging Indicator youll know when its time to clean the ducts out to ensure great drying every time.
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified – Save money and energy with a dryer that uses less energy than required by federal standards.
  • Intuitive Dial-A-Cycle™ controls and easy to read Dual LED Display indicators help you find the right setting every time.
  • LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation – There’s no need for laundry to be noisy.
  • Troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosis™.

  •  1-24-hour delay
  •  6-settings: Quick Wash, Glass Wash, Rinse Only, Light Wash, Normal, Heavy
  •  Removable Water Filter Filtration System
  •  Push Button Control Type 
  •  Vinyl Rack Material 
  •  Full Length Non-Splittable Silverware Basket Type 
  •  51 Decibel Level 
  •  Heated dry
  •  High temperature wash

This 24 built-in dishwasher by Cafe offers up to 16 place settings with hidden controls. It also features an advanced washer system with more than 140 cleaning jets, reversing quad blade wash arm, adjustable upper rack with 2 stem safe shelves, hidden vent with fan dry and is Energy Star qualified.

Disclaimer: Prices may vary for Puerto Rico and Hawaii Stores

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