Craftsman Professional Drive Sockets

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Craftsman Universal 8mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
$2.39  $3.99 (List Price)
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  • Youll get plenty of use out of this universal 8mm socket, 3/8 drive
  • On the box end, this socket can handle up to six different fasteners
  • Use this socket with confidence on 6-point, 12-point, 4-point, external Torx, spline and even hex fasteners that are partially rounded
  • You get a secure non-slip grip due to the matte finish on the knurlings surface
  • No fumbling around to find this socket in your tool chest, as the high contrast marking makes size identification easy
  • Guaranteed forever
Craftsman Universal 16mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
$2.39  $3.99 (List Price)
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  • Craftsman’s 16mm Universal 3/8-in. Drive Socket delivers ultimate utility, allowing you to work with six different types of fasteners on the box end without switching sockets
  • 16mm universal socket size
  • 3/8 drive size
  • Work with 6 fasteners including 4, 6 and 12 points, external Torx, spline and partially rounded hex
Craftsman 3/8" Drive 18mm Socket, 6-point
$2.27  $3.79 (List Price)
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  • Fistful of torque: 18mm socket, 6 pt.
  • Socket was made in the U.S.A. for expert quality that you can count on
  • Socket made from forged alloy steel that has been heat treated for hardness
  • This socket has a 6 pt. opening
  • Clean your silver finished socket with a damp cloth
Craftsman 3/4-in Easy-to-Read Impact 6pt Socket 1/2-in...
$8.78  $8.78 (List Price)
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  • Professionals rely on Craftsman’s ½-in. Drive 6-pt. Impact Socket to install and remove heavy-duty nuts and bolts with consistent torque delivered through impact drivers
  • 3/4 socket size
  • 1/2 drive size
  • 6 points of contact

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