Craftsman 13 Mm Socket

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  • A 13mm size gives you the right fit for select fasteners
  • 6-point design gives you the perfect grip for heavier fasteners
  • Clear, easy-to-read size markings to save you time on the job
  • Deep socket depth offers additional access to fasteners and is good for working over long bolts
  • Works with any 3/8 drive ratchet, extension, breaker bar or torque wrench
  • Constructed with alloy steel for dependable durability

  • 3/8 drive
  • Deep socket plunges into areas where a shallow socket could not make contact
  • 12 points of contact for better grip in cramped areas with limited turning capacity
  • Permanent laser-etched size marking resists chipping, fading and corroding

  • Extended length for hard-to-reach nuts and bolts
  • 6-point headlock grip for enhanced turning power
  • Ball-recess design reduces play for superior fit to ratchets
  • Chamfered edge socket design allows easy attachment to and removal from fasteners
  • Highly visible laser-etched size marking
  • Made from rugged alloy steel
  • Resists chipping, fading and corroding

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