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Enhance your kitchen with this countertop microwave by GE. This microwave features 1.5 cu. ft. of capacity, 1,000 watts of power, 10 power levels, and various modes to make cooking a breeze. The convection cooking setting is perfect for when you want your food perfectly baked or browned. The convection rack is designed for allowing air to circulate around foods for even heat distribution during convection cooking. Use the sensor cooking controls to automatically adjust cooking time and power for delicious cooking results. The recessed turntable maximizes the microwaves space and flush design to easily accommodate multiple dishes.

Convection Cooking Power
  • Upper convection microwave oven circulates heat for high-quality results
  • True European Convection lower oven helps you achieve delicious results from a third heating element and fan combination
  • Ten-pass bake element in lower oven ensures even baking with heat that covers more surface area
  • Eight-pass broil element in lower oven means you get full broil coverage and even browning from edge to edge
Upper and Lower Convenience
  • 1.7 cu. ft. microwave has a 16” turntable to rotate food as it cooks for more even cooking
  • 5.0 cu. ft. lower oven is self-cleaning with a steam clean option for an odor-free clean
  • One heavy-duty roller rack in lower oven lets you easily access items with a rack that glides smoothly, and can stay in during self-clean cycle
  • Two other wire racks can be adjusted to six different settings, giving you ultimate versatility when cooking
  • Glass touch controls let you set temperatures quickly and wipe clean with minimal effort
  • Halogen interior oven lighting in lower oven lets you easily see how your food is baking

  • The Slow Cook Function adds versatility by allowing you to use the warming drawer in the same way you would use a counter-top slow cooker
  • The Custom-Control Technology offers three distinct zones that allow you set the right temperature for warming, slow cooking, or bread proofing
  • The Sensor Temperature Control helps to prevent food from drying out by keeping the warming drawer at a consistent temperature
  • The Bread Proofing function operates at a consistently low temperature that prepares dough for baking by activating the yeast
  • The Humidity Slide Control helps to retain the flavor and texture of different foods by letting you control the amount of moisture inside the drawer

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