Black Versatile Electric Range

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LG LRE3194BD 6.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with True Conv...

$725.99 Originally:$1,209.99 (List Price)
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Superior Heating

  • The 3200W dual elements deliver the heat for fast boiling
  • True Convection technology distributes continual precise heat, so food is delicious on the inside and crisp on the outside
  • 3-in-1 element lets switch from 12” to 9” to 6” with a quick turn, so you always have the right size and power when you need it

Cooking Convenience

  • Simplify meals with 5 cooktop elements, allowing you to have more cooking and warming flexibility
  • 6.3 cu. ft. capacity is large enough to handle all your family’s cooking needs
  • 2 oven racks with 7 rack positions to accommodate a variety of dishes

Simply Clean

  • EasyClean® gives you a sparkling clean oven interior in 10 minutes without strong chemical fumes or high heat
  • Traditional self-clean cycle for the occasional deep clean
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish for a sleek appearance

Amana AER6303MFB 30" 4.8 cu. ft. Electric Range w/Ext...

$409.49 Originally:$649.99 (List Price)
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  • Cook More with 1800W of Cooking Power

This ovens multiple element options give you access to up to 1800 watts of power to help you whip up more of your familys favorite dishes at the same time.

  • Warm and Hold for Dinner Delays

If your dinner guests get held up, youll love this ovens Warm Hold feature – it keeps the oven at 145°F to 190°F, so your dishes stay warm without burning.

  • Oven Lockout Prevents Kitchen Accidents

Especially useful if there are small children in your home, the Oven Lockout feature locks your oven and its controls to prevent accidental use.

LG LTE4815BD 7.3 cu. ft. Smart Double Electric Range w...

$1,658.79 Originally:$2,859.99 (List Price)
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Heat It Up

  • SmartThinQ® smart cooking feature searches for and stores recipes and syncs with your oven to adjust baking requirements
  • 5, 3200W dual elements for amazing cooking power
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean cooktop

Built for Serious Baking

  • Massive 7.3 cu. ft. double oven is ready for all your culinary challenges 
  • LG ProBake Convection™ delivers even baking results and a 20% faster roasting time on every rack

Nice & Tidy

  • LG EasyClean® feature eliminates baked-on messes in just 10 minutes without chemical fumes or high heat

Super Stylish

  • Sleek, angled controls give your kitchen a stylish, updated look
  • Intuitive SmoothTouch™ glass controls for easy operation
  • Versatile elements fit different sized cookware
  • Visually appealing blue interior
  • WideView™ window allows easy inspection of food in progress

Whirlpool WEC310S0FB 4.8 cu. ft. Coil Electric Range ...

$659.99 Originally:$1,199.99 (List Price)
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  • High-Speed Coil Elements Deliver Quick High Heat

If youre in a rush, youll certainly appreciate this ranges high-speed, quick-heating coil burners.

  • Large Cooking Capacity Accommodates Multiple Dishes

Bake your main, side and maybe even dessert in this electric range featuring a large 4.8 cu. ft. cooking capacity.

  • Knobless Design is Sleek, Stylish and Extremely Versatile

Not only does it look great, but this ranges knobless design is innovative as well, using up and down arrows to adjust cooking temperatures.

  • Adjustable Self-Cleaning Tackles Messes Both Big and Small

With cleaning settings for light, moderate and heavy, this oven takes care of the mess for you meaning youll be able to spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen.

Whirlpool WEE510S0FB 4.8 cu. ft. Electric Range w/ Gu...

$742.49 Originally:$1,349.99 (List Price)
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  • Frozen Bake Technology Saves You Time

Go ahead and skip the preheat cycle so you and your family can enjoy frozen foods faster.

  • Guided Cooktop Controls Takes Away the Guesswork

A modern knobless design uses up/down arrows for better visibility as well as heat level indicators to show when youre heating or melting.

  • Flexheat Dual Radiant Elements Gives the Versatility You Need for Different Tasks

Whirlpools innovative stovetops feature two elements in one with a 6 inner ring for small cookware and a 9 outer ring for bigger pots.

  • Temperature Sensor Offers Better Results

This built-in sensor monitors and adjusts the oven temperature during the cooking cycle for evenly baked foods.

  • Closed Door Broiling Keeps the Heat Where It Belongs

A broiling temperature management design prevents overheating as you broil so your kitchen stays cool and comfortable.

LG LSE4613BD 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Electric Range With ...

$1,209.99 Originally:$2,199.99 (List Price)
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Smart Cooking

  • Get water and sauces boiling faster with a powerful 3200W dual element
  • ProBake Convection™ delivers even baking results on every rack, every time
  • Inspired by pro-style ranges, a back wall oven burner offers better heat distribution
  • NFC Tag-On Technology lets you communicate with your appliance using a smartphone

Spacious Design

  • 2 dual cooktop elements, one 9”/6 and one 12”/9, always fit the cookware you need
  • 6.3 cu. ft. capacity oven handles all your familys cooking needs with ease
  • 3 oven racks with 7 positions for customized, careful cooking and baking
  • Top oven broiler for quick convenience with grill-like results

Beyond Convenient

  • EasyClean® setting gets your oven clean in three easy steps, within 10 minutes
  • Sleek, angled front SmoothTouch™ glass controls for easy operation and cleaning
  • WideView™ Window allows you to easily check the progress of a meal
  • Convenient drawer offers room to store necessities in style
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish keeps your kitchen cleaner longer

LG STUDIO LSSE3029BD 6.3 cu. ft. Electric Slide-In Ra...

$1,499.50 Originally:$3,299.99 (List Price)
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  • LG Black Stainless Steel elevates your kitchen with a satin-smooth, warm and sophisticated finish unlike any other.
  • Fingerprint and smudge resistant finish easily wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth, so the only lasting impression is your impeccable taste.
  • Designed with seamless integration in mind, the new LG STUDIO range reflects pro-style details with a depth that lines up with standard kitchen counter-tops.
  • Enjoy even, professional style cooking at home with LG ProBake Convection™. Inspired by pro-style ranges, this new LG range moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution.
  • 6.3 cu. ft. Largest Capacity Oven* handles all your familys cooking needs.
  • With LG EasyClean®, in three easy steps and 10 quick minutes your oven can be sparkling clean, without strong chemical fumes or high heat**.
  • LGs most powerful element, 3.2 kW on two versatile cooktop elements, you can use the right cookware for your food***.
  • The adjustable full extension rack glides out effortlessly and extends over the open oven door for easy access to food.
  • With three temperature settings, the warming drawer keeps your food hot and delicious until you’re ready to serve.
  • All LG STUDIO appliances are backed by LGs exclusive 2-year limited warranty, so you can confidently enjoy this appliance for years to come.

*Based on LG internal survey for 6.3 traditional self clean gas & electric single ovens, 6.9 gas double ovens and 7.3 electric double ovens.

**Heavy build-up may require additional manual effort or use of the full self-clean feature.

***Among leading brands’ electric ranges, non-induction elements.

Disclaimer: Prices may vary for Puerto Rico and Hawaii Stores