Black Screwdriver

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  • The Torx No. 30 x 4 in. screwdriver gives tight control
  • The screwdriver is 7-3/4 inches overall, compact enough to fit in tight spaces where Torx fasteners are round
  • The tip is tight to keep the screw from slipping away
  • The 3-3/4-inch butyrate ball handle is color-coded for immediate tip identification
  • The 4-inch alloy steel blade is heat treated for durability
  • A protective layer of satin nickel fights rust and corrosion
  • Backed by the Craftsman lifetime warranty

  • Craftsman’s Torx® No. 27 x 4 Screwdriver is designed to satisfy all of your Torx® screw needs
  • T27 tip size
  • 4 blade length
  • 3-3/4 handle length
  • Heat-treated to ensure strength
  • Chemical-resistant comfort handle

  • Torx No. 25 x 4 screwdriver has an alloy steel blade that will hold up to tough jobs
  • Blade has a satin-nickel finish to help protect from corrosion
  • Butyrate handle is not only comfortable, but it is also chemical-resistant for a longer lasting tool
  • Comes with a Craftsman lifetime warranty
  • Color-coded tip type handle helps you identify this tool quickly

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