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24 Inch Washer & Dryer

Sears Outlet's collection of 24-inch washer and dryers and 24-inch laundry centers are the perfect solution for tight spaces, where you also want to take care of all your washing and dryer needs. 24-inch stackable washer and dryers help you make the most of your space. But more than that, models at Sears outlet come with features like adjustable water temperature settings, touch up cycles for refreshing wrinkled fabrics, built in moisture sensors, energy savers and more!

At Sears Outlet, you'll find 24-inch washer dryer combos, laundry centers, and washer dryer sets. Discover models from top brands in the industry, including Kenmore, Bosch, GE appliances and the Whirlpool 24 inch washer dryer. Explore a range of styles and designs, shop your color, and find your model in new, used, and refurbished options.

24-inch washer dryer combos are a great addition to your home appliance collection, but if you're still unsure, read through our 24-inch washer and dryer reviews and see why customers love them as well. Many items are on sale so shop today! Plus discover other great Sears Outlet collections including, extra large refrigerators, Simmons living room furniture and 27-inch electric ovens!

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