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Dining Room Tables

Finding the right dining room table online can seem overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it can suddenly seem like mission impossible to choose just one. You can quickly narrow down the possibilities by keeping a few factors in mind.

First of all, have you decided what shape you'd prefer or which works best in your current dining room space?

Dining Table Shapes

The most common dining table shapes are rectangle, square and round. Rectangular or square tables are the most common and are usually easy to expand and add chairs to if you have friends or family coming over. They are also much easier to find tablecloths for if they aren't unusually large.

Round dining tables are nice for smaller dining areas and being rounded are usually easier to fit into any area as they don't need to be oriented a certain way. If you have a larger family or do a lot of entertaining, round tables generally aren't as suitable as you'd need a very large table to accommodate everyone and it might not be the most efficient use of your dining room space.

Dining Table Size

Dining tables come in a variety of sizes as well, when choosing the size of your table take into account how large your dining room is and how many people you need to accommodate. For a small apartment you may even want to consider counter height chairs and making more of an eat-in kitchen space. If you have a larger dining room or do a lot of entertaining then consider going for a larger table.

What is the Most Durable Type of Dining Room Table?

Material can make a big difference in terms of the overall look of your dining room but are certain types of tables more durable than others? Glass tables can look very sleek and are great in contemporary spaces. They also work well when you have a smaller dining room since the glass can make the room feel more open and even a bit larger. While glass is easy to clean, it might not be suitable if you have small kids as you won't want to worry about cleaning little fingerprints all the time.

Wood dining room tables can stand the test of time, so long as they are well sealed from any kind of moisture. They are also easy to refinish if years later you decide you want a lighter or darker finish on your table.