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        Bar Stools

        If you spend a lot of time hanging around the kitchen, you'll probably want to consider adding some bar stools or counter height seating. Not sure how to choose the right bar stool for you? There are just a few considerations to keep in mind.

        Bar Stool Style

        Is your kitchen more rustic or farmhouse style? You might want to consider checking out wooden barstools first. If you have a more contemporary design then sleek metal barstools might make more sense in your space. Try to match the material and color of your kitchen so that your new barstools look as if they were always meant to be there.

        Bar Stool Features

        Another point to consider is whether you need bar stools with back support or if younger kids will be using them, can you adjust the height, will they be able to climb on and off of them safely? If you're considering a light material will it be likely to be stained? Can you easily clean it? These are all important things to consider before you decide on a particular bar stool.

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